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and apparel business management


K3|fashion is the ERP for apparel enterprises embedded in Microsoft Dynamics.

If your company has more than 300 employees, K3|fashion is the right solution.

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K3|pebblestone is the ERP for small and medium sized apparel businesses, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

If your company has up to 300 employees, K3|pebblestone is for you.

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K3|pebblestone is the all-in-one fashion business management solution for the smaller and medium sized apparel businesses, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


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K3|business planning is a fully integrated module within Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O which enables enterprises to define budgets for different business areas.

Regardless of the size of your company, K3|business planning will enhance your business operations to hit revenue targets. 

K3|imagine is a Cloud native platform designed for businesses to rapidly innovate and scale new products and services. 

K3|imagine is ideal for quick development and deployment of fit-for-purpose business apps

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K3|DataSwitch is a purpose built system to help businesses communicate and integrate with various systems and enable them to set up multiple work-streams from one or more input sources.

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Of all the candidates, the team of Prodware, K3, and Microsoft were the ones able to show us that they were totally committed to delivering a solution that we estimate covers more than 90% of our business processes. A clear point of differentiation was understanding our business and fashion retail.

Vicente Rodríguez, Director at Roberto Verino

The solution as "phenomenal" and said the business was now
fully prepared for future growth plans. Better stock management and distribution has certainly increased our sales; equally, now when we adda new store to the business the impact on the time spent distributing is negligible. We have probable savedaround 10 man hours per week since adding this feature.

Mark Mitzman, Operations

Director at TheStockShop

Equip the business with the right tools and processes to streamline our operations and reduce people-intensive activities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX will give us the ability to better anticipate and embrace change and support future global growth.

Dustan Steer, IT Director

at Ted Baker

K3 Business Technologies

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K3 is passionate about providing fit for purpose industry solutions for Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing, in the cloud, hybrid and on-premise.