Discover what's new in ax|is fashion 8.0
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Discover what's new in ax|is fashion 8.0

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Following Microsoft's 2018 Spring Release for Dynamics 365, we are pleased to announce that K3's ax|is fashion is now fully compatible and adapted to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What does this mean for your business?

In the past, companies would come across several hindrances during the process of the implementation of the ERP system, as well as in the course of maintaining or updating the software: long timelines, inflexibility and challenges to stay current were common headaches that businesses had to simply deal with, as there was no way around them.

With the latest version of ax|is fashion, these issues have been addressed and fixed. Fashion and apparel companies can now improve productivity and move their businesses forward, faster. Take a look into the most important benefits businesses can achieve:

1. Speed up the deployment:

The latest version of ax|is fashion enables a quick start of the solution deployment. Whereas in the past the journey of implementing an ERP solution was a long and tiresome one, the timeline can now be reduced dramatically, as the technical deployment of the software can be done in a matter of minutes.

2. Stay always updated:

The maintenance and upgrade of the solution is now just a click away. With this latest release, the administrator user will be able to initiate the upgrades, which will not affect the performance of the software for any other users.

This allows businesses to stay current and innovate to stay ahead of the market.

3. Lower the risks:

Due to the latest enhancements of the upgrading process, the system can now run the upgrade procedure without disrupting the work of other users, thus cutting down the potential risks of data loss and reducing the time investment on the upgrading operations.

4. Minimize costs:

In the past, many companies would hesitate to upgrade their software as this would pause the current status of the solution, and users would have to invest time on getting up to speed again once the software was upgraded, which inevitably meant a loss of money for the business.

In this latest version, ax|is fashion provides a faster, smoother upgrade process that does not put a stop to your business in any way means that you can get advantage of innovation faster with no costs involved.

Thanks to these new enhancements and extensibility features, partners and customers will be able to convert their existing customizations, ensuring quick, simple and stress-free upgrades.

Aside from these major advantages, the latest version of ax|is fashion comes with improvements and additions coming from direct user feedback, which we will publish in the coming weeks.

About ax|is fashion:

ax|is fashion is a concept-to-consumer solution, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel enterprises. The out of the box fashion functionality means there is little to no need for extensive back-end customization, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and a quicker ROI.

Over 16,000 users in 13 countries have already made ax|is fashion their fashion software solution of choice.

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