The Changing Landscape of the Fashion Industry

This whitepaper takes a deep dive into the forces driving change in the fashion industry worldwide and looks at the opportunities for fashion and apparel retailers.

PLM Embedded in ERP:
A Fluid Path from Concept to Consumer

When fashion businesses use the same solution for PLM and ERP, they bring many critical processes into a common technology platform.


The benefits can be significant.

The Journey from Concept to Consumer

To help on the road to concept-to-consumer seamlessness, this report takes a close look at seven key business processes and how technology can alleviate pain points and deliver business benefits.

Optimizing Time to Market

Getting fashion merchandise to market with greater efficiency requires a holistic, end-to-end approach. 


Learn how business process transformation and integrated ERP technology can help.

Fashion Wholesaling:

Dead or Alive?

What is the future of wholesaling? Is it dead, alive, on life support? The traditional wholesaling model is very much under pressure lately - how can fashion brands respond to the challenges they are facing?



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