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Make no mistake, the world of enterprise software is changing!

We ask prospective customers to buy our software and work with us as trusted resources. To make this commitment, customers rely on demonstrations, references, technical information and their own experience. There are no novices among our prospects for few managers rise to levels of responsibility without going through one or more ERP implementations. They know the good, bad and ugly of ERP. No easy decision for industry, culture and technology all count.

Several years ago, I focused our company on Fashion ERP. Partners are not very different from prospective customers. We make life changing decisions with limited information, trusting experience, instinct and agility. The simple framework that guided my decision to work with pebblestone|fashion is as valid for customers as it was for me.

Market Share pebblestone|fashion is the market leader in fashion software! Market leaders have powerful advantages. Their strong sales statistics earn profits to keep products fresh. Incorporating feedback from a large customer base ensures products continue to meet the changing needs of the market place. Leadership in both sales and market share provide evidence of successful management.

Microsoft Platform Microsoft products fill all the gaps and dominate the base of installed information systems products. Over time major software spawns a rich ecosystem of technical resources and skilled users. Widespread technical knowledge and skills is the foundation for effective support of complex applications, including Fashion ERP.

Go to Market Strategy Our customers are small to mid-size companies. And for them the marketplace is changing very rapidly with rich Web sites to enable product evaluation, self-service demonstrations and on-line chat replacing traditional sales practices. This is a recent phenomenon and a huge asset in choosing and supporting an ERP system. You know how to work with successful software developer/publishers – they inform you.

Focused Product Strategy Nearly every business segment has some functions that are not well served by standard off the shelf solutions. Don’t be attracted by one-size-fits-all software. It is important to find ERP vendors that have picked an industry and bring passion and focus to the job! pebblestone|fashion is all about fashion!

Product Architecture Styles are not items… If your staff needs to build every choice of style, size and color as an individual stock keeping unit (SKU) I can nearly guarantee your costs are too high and your sales analysis and product planning are crippled. It starts with the style matrix (everywhere in pebblestone|fashion) and extends to industry standard processes that help you execute “fewer and faster” transaction steps.

Fashion functionality is only the top layer. pebblestone|fashion is skillfully woven into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. “NAV” is very granular and when specific functions in NAV do the job, they are used without “customization improvement”. Artfully maintaining the same structure and programming “dialect” NAV allows pebblestone|fashion to stand on stage as one of the first products Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) at the release date for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

The benefit for customers shows up downstream as less complicated upgrades and lower cost of ownership. In the dynamic ever changing world of fashion, the agility, resources and commitment of K3 ensure pebblestone|fashion software will remain a valuable cornerstone to business success.

How pebblestone|fashion Stacks Up I went through a comparative review of fashion software as I wrote this article. I feel even more strongly than I did years ago… pebblestone|fashion earned both my respect and my business commitment. No other product even came close.

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