Suiting the creative industry

Few industries gather as many highly creative people into small and medium sized enterprises as the fashion industry. It’s an industry driven by creativity; the companies are flexible and always prepared to change in order to meet the current trends and customer needs. But the industry can’t run on creativity alone so one of the challenges is to find a fashion ERP software solution that satisfies the minds of highly creative people as well as managing the business.

That’s where the cloud-based fashion ERP solution pebblestone|fashion 365 enters the picture. Developed by professionals who know the industry and understand the core needs of fashion enterprises, this new solution will shortly be released into the market and it is perfectly suited to a company full of creative minds. Small and medium sized fashion enterprises usually have no need for a complex integrated system which takes time, effort and money to implement and sustain. They benefit more from a solution that covers the basic business needs with no complexity, in order for them to fully focus on creating the next superb collection.

Fashion is all about finding the right expression, creating and thinking outside the box, being flexible and adapting to trends or creating new ones. Working in such an environment requires an easy to handle ERP system. Among other features, pebblestone|fashion 365 has a preconfigured setup which shortens the implementation time from months to days. Working in the cloud means buying a solution and a service where the latest updates are included and all maintenance issues are covered by the IT-supplier. There is (at least for small enterprises) no need to hire an extra employee responsible for the technical matters, it’s all included in the service.

Being flexible and responsive to the market is prerequisite to retaining and gaining new market share. A cloud-based fashion ERP system is the solution that helps customers to continue being flexible. With an immediate availability and monthly subscription per user, customers don’t have to worry about the risk when investing in an IT system, if they even can afford the investment. And saving cost is definitely a crucial matter within such a competitive market as the fashion industry.

In conclusion, our experience is that fashion SME’s clearly see the benefits and easily choose this kind of hosting solution. They prefer the comfort that comes with the cloud, where everything is being taken care of. With a pre-package solution, tailored for the fashion industry, enterprises can direct their efforts and creativity at developing their own creations instead of wasting it on their IT system.

With the above arguments in mind, by offering pebblestone|fashion 365 to your clients, you help them stay creative, productive and profitable. What are you waiting for?

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