Fashion cloud software: the right option for you?

As Marketeer I pay visits to our customers to work with them on joint Marketing collateral or reference cases. The conversations we have range from how the business is doing and what is happening in the market to new technology developments such as Cloud computing and the consequences for fashion companies. And, when we touch the last subject, I often get the question: “Why should I move to the Fashion ERP Cloud?

When you’re a small or medium sized company I can fully understand that you may have doubts about this new technology, or that you are unsure about the consequences for your organization. So, I thought to use this blog post to explain what the advantages are for you, how you can drive your business forward given the current economic conditions and what you should watch out for. In this and the next article I will try to answer these questions.

1. Cost efficient I often hear people say that working in the Cloud is much cheaper than working with on- premise software. But is that really the case?

When working on-premise you are looking at heavy initial investments to get the licenses and have the software implemented. With Cloud computing you don’t have to bring a bag of money to pay for implementation and licenses.

But the initial investments required by an on-premise way of working can be written off in a couple of years. Cloud computing is a service that brings with it recurring costs that will continue to be there until you stop working with it. So, given these arguments the score still is 1:1 When we consider Cloud computing being a service that offers much more than just the hardware and server the scales quickly tip the other side. Just think about the additional power costs of having a server running on-premise 24/7 and the costs of additional personnel and training. Now the equation looks a little bit different, so before jumping to any conclusions please do you math and find out which scenario is the more cost efficient option for you.

2. The fashion functionality you need The thing with on-premise Fashion software is that you buy the licenses and work with the software for a number of years. But as time goes by the software vendor updates the Fashion software, adds functionality and further improves it. And when you would like to get your hands on some of the new functionality you have to upgrade to a new version which brings with it another substantial investment.

When your company has a certain size and complexity all this is fine as you have the power to invest in your IT environment and really see it as a way to build competitive advantage. But, when your company is not so complex and you require only standard out-of-the box functionality going to the Cloud is a much better option as it allows you to work with new, innovative functionality and updated Fashion software.

In my next blog post, which is due at the end of next month, we will be looking at the time it takes to get your business up & running in the Cloud and the status quo of reliability and data security. Next week, one of my colleagues will write another interesting article about Fashion ERP software in the Cloud.

About pebblestone|fashion 365

pebblestone|fashion 365 is a fully integrated, cloud-based solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is quick and easy to implement and offers out-of-the-box functionality that covers the entire fashion wholesale value chain.

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