Safety and reliability in the fashion cloud

As I often hear from fashion companies that have doubts about moving their business to the cloud. Therefore, I started my last blog post by pointing out two aspects that you have to consider when going online. To summarize, these aspects are:

  • Cost efficient

  • Availability to new and improved fashion functionality

Today, I like to touch upon another subject that occupies the minds of fashion entrepreneurs; data security and reliability.

Data security and reliability Working “in the cloud” means that you have on demand access to your fashion software, data and shared resources. Scalability and rapid provisioning are essential determinants in cloud computing.

Working in the cloud means that your data and information isn’t stored at your own premises but on the servers of a third party – your cloud provider, hosting provider. Nothing wrong with this but how do you make sure that fashion business critical data stay’s your own and what happens with outages and system failures?

Compliance with ISO standards The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), an international organization that is responsible for informing stakeholders on security assurance within Cloud Computing, has come up with a set of rules that will help you to make up your mind about data security in the cloud.

One of the rules is that cloud providers have to take ISO-27001 standards into account when offering cloud services. These standards are frequently evaluated and renewed to be able to deal with today’s risks such as identity theft and risks related to working with mobile devices. To be able to comply with the ISO standards, cloud providers have to be certified. And, these certifications are the proof you need to select a cloud provider that lives up to your security standards.

K3 Managed Services is a perfect example of a cloud service provider that complies to ISO-27001 standards and through that helps to keep your data safe. Service Level Agreements The latest Quorum Disaster Recovery Report (Q1 2013), which polled businesses from all over the world, highlights how damaging unreliable IT can be to businesses. Think about the number of hours of lost downtime and the lost business revenue. It failures are the most common cause for downtime.

Therefore, it is crucial to set up an agreement with your cloud service provider regarding the uptime percentage of the system (the time the systems is expected to run without interruptions). These agreements are brought together in Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and they come in all shapes and sizes setting out the boundaries and expectations for both the cloud service provider and you. Determine the aspects and services levels that match your needs and select a partner that is able to offer that.

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