In praise of simplicity

Few of us claim our business processes are perfect, unique and cannot be improved. Seeking to monitor the pulse of our business, we set performance goals for revenue/employee, gross margin, operating cost ratio and other metrics. Along with these goals come questions:

  • How do we collect the data?

  • Can the data be trusted?

  • Is the information available in a form I can use?

Enterprise software is designed to collect very detailed information from nearly every part of the business process. Armed with data, we seek fundamental business knowledge about sales, costs and performance of our products, customers, vendors and team members. Our users also rely on business software to frame and regulate their daily operations. Beyond information, enterprise software supports operational tasks and enforces business practices, compliance and data security. Functionally rich enterprise software is extensive, detailed and demanding. So why am I writing about simplicity? Because budgets are finite, staff is limited and there is never enough time! Keys to simplicity are to select the right software, always upgrade to the most recent version, avoid customization and align operations with procedures embedded in the software. pebblestone|fashion software is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Leveraging core Microsoft technology, pebblestone|fashion extends NAV to incorporate functions, controls, compliance and business process guidance specifically designed for fashion companies. Meeting core industry needs, pebblestone|fashion earned its position as market leader in fashion software. Current generation pebblestone|fashion software products embed configuration tools! This relatively new concept creates opportunity for you to easily import for customers, vendors, products and standard practices. Automating discovery, design and development tasks removes technical barriers and simplifies the whole implementation process, substantially reducing cost and impact on staff resources. Constantly “tuned” to needs of the industry, pebblestone|fashion software provides customers a cost effective way to leverage current fashion business practices. Incorporating feedback from a large customer base ensures products continue to meet the changing needs of the market place. Staying with the most recent version is an excellent way to keep up with industry trends. Align Best Practices with Fashion Software

We live our own businesses and the temptation to customize and incorporate creative concepts into business software is attractive! Customizations tend to add cost and may compromise the quality of your data. Few organizations can devote expertise, time and money to develop and support product customizations through multiple software generations. Simplify your life and leverage Microsoft and the strong pebblestone|fashion development team. Align your internal practices with procedures and processes already incorporated in the software and concentrate on customer satisfaction, design and marketing. Fashion Cloud Software Consider pebblestone|fashion 365, a new full featured cloud product. The virtues of shared hardware and IT services drive cloud adoption. Improved access to product support, training and application management may be even more important. Best practices, limited customization, managed IT services and integrated support combine to make pebblestone|fashion 365 an effective back office resource that is simple to own.

Keep it simple

No executive skill is more important than the ability to reduce complicated concepts and tools to simple processes you can deploy, teach and evolve with changing needs of your business. We want to be your partner on this journey!

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