How eCommerce benefits fashion wholesale

Rewind 25 years. An iPad was a piece of science fiction only to be seen in Sci-Fi movies and personal computers were unaffordable to many. In the years that followed technology changed and with it our lives. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that how we buy and sell is changed too. Competition for wholesalers does not come from retailers only, but also from manufacturers or anyone seeking to sell directly to consumers.

Given all these changes, the world of the fashion wholesaler has changed considerably. New business models such as eCommerce enable consumers to shop easily across multiple sales channels. Business to business webshops rise like skyscrapers and many wholesalers decide to sell directly to the consumer. As a result of this, the buying experience has changed increasingly and traditional traders come in a pinch. They are taken over by competitors that do business online.

Another aspect that challenges businesses is the fact that consumers get smarter as well. They are increasingly connected, access information from multiple sources and search products in different ways. Consumers all over the world have quickly learned how to use these tools to reach products, prices and availability. On top of all that, they are demanding quick delivery and great service, and purchase globally. In response to this it is crucial for wholesalers to gain greater control, increase margins, drive growth, become more dynamic and above all meet the shopping experience of their buyers.

To conclude the above: having a powerful webshop is no longer only destined for retailers. It is crucial for you as a wholesaler to maintain and grow your organization. That is where the cloud based fashion ERP solution pebblestone|fashion 365 kicks in. pebblestone|fashion 365 is like a matchmaker, bringing your eCommerce platform and customers together. It helps you take your online strategy beyond online order taking to deliver a seamless, Omni-channel buying experience across all your different channels. Meanwhile, the webshop enables you to gather data to refine your product offerings and marketing.

Most businesses make the mistake of running their fashion ERP software and webstore separately. For efficiency reasons, a direct connection between your webshop and ERP system makes the difference. With a centralized single database system that is updated in real time, your website, staff and buyers are always on the same page with what is available in your webshop, how much it costs, and when it’s being delivered. Research showed that several retail stores aren’t able to make their online sales channel reinforce their offline channel and vice versa. As a result of this and because consumers shop on their own terms to switch to the competitor. Wholesalers can reach out with a webshop and attract new customers.

You can seize this moment as a great business opportunity to achieve growth or do nothing instead. If you decide to go for it, you have to go the extra mile. Together with pebblestone|fashion 365. What are you waiting for? GO!

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