Roberto Verino to drive IT innovation with K3 and Prodware

Since its inception in 1982, when Roberto Verino launched his first prêt-a-porter collection, the brand has been known for its innovative spirit, not only in its designs but also for its business concept which today includes men and women’s fashion, perfume, accessories, sunglasses and even fine wines from DO Monterrei. The company, under the direction of Galician designer Roberto Verino, sells its designs worldwide and showcases its collections at the best shows internationally.

With the implementation of ax|is fashion, Roberto Verino is now bringing that spirit of innovation to its information systems. ax|is fashion from K3, is a concept-to-consumer solution that extends Microsoft Dynamics for Retail with functionality specifically tailored to the needs of the fashion and apparel industry.

On the one hand, this new seamless solution will support the growth of the company and on the other hand, allow for the optimal management of all the peculiarities of this complex industry which is under pressure to better manage and integrate all their various channels to market.

The solution aligns well to the organizational needs of Roberto Verino, both in terms of the back-office functionality including season management, outsourced production control, logistics and commercial management, as well as the front office covering the management of not only their own stores and outlets but their franchises worldwide.

Robert Verino is betting on IT innovation to better meet the demands of the new consumer. Thanks to the omni-channel functionality in ax|is fashion and Microsoft Dynamics for Retail and, the company is able to offer customers a consistent experience across all its channels. Taking this step has been key to enabling Roberto Verino to realize their growth ambitions as well as making the organization adaptable and able to react more quickly to the current and future needs of their business and the broader fashion industry.

“The process of selecting the right solution has frankly been quite complex and very demanding”, says Vicente Rodríguez, director at Roberto Verino. “Of all the candidates, the team of Prodware, K3, and Microsoft were the ones able to show us that they were totally committed to delivering a solution that we estimate covers more than 90% of our business processes. A clear point of differentiation was understanding our business and fashion retail.”

About Roberto Verino Roberto Verino is a leading Spanish fashion retailer offering fashion, accessories and perfumes for both men and women in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. The company currently has sales points, own stores, franchises and concessions in numerous countries around the world. Roberto Verino is also known designing the suits for the Club Atletico de Madrid football team during the 2013 – 2014 season.

About ax|is fashion

ax|is fashion is a concept-to-consumer solution from K3 that is literally “made to measure, ready to wear”. This flexible and scalable solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics for Retail, offers fashion and apparel enterprises such as Ted Baker, Charles Tyrwhitt, Seasalt and others, a tailored environment in which to gain insight and control over all processes and channels to market. The customized tools, pre-configured to align to specific fashion tasks and processes, drive agility and productivity and the out of the box fashion functionality means there is no need for extensive back-end configuration, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and quicker ROI.

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