K3 Software Solutions earns CfMD NAV 2015 status for pebblestone|fashion

K3 Software Solutions announced today that pebblestone|fashion, the leading Dynamics NAV software solution for the fashion industry, has been successfully “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” (CfMD) for NAV 2015.

pebblestone|fashion has earned Microsoft Corporation’s highest standard for partner-developed software solutions, because it has been:

  • Designed to meet unique fashion business and industry needs;

  • Tested for integration with the Microsoft Dynamics product;

  • Used and recommended by other companies;

  • Professionally implemented and systematically supported.

pebblestone|fashion have demonstrated development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 on which it runs by passing rigorous software tests for Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, to obtain this recognition K3 Software Solutions proved that more than 600 customers are successfully using pebblestone|fashion.

“K3 Software Solutions has always been committed to software excellence, and earning the CfMD NAV 2015 status is a reflection of that commitment.” said Sander Schoneveld, Managing Director, K3 Software Solutions.

pebblestone|fashion complies with all the criteria and shows agility, flexibility and high customer satisfaction which enables it to meet the strict requirements ahead of its competitors. Therefore wholesalers, brand owners, private label and CMT companies in apparel, footwear, sporting goods, corporate and promotional wear and accessories can be sure that they can run their entire business through one fully integrated software solution.

“For new customers, the CfMD status will help them identifying that our solution is the best one because it has been tested for compatibility, meets high quality standards, and is successfully used by existing customers,” added Ruben Schoester, Product Manager, K3 Software Solution.

By requiring the software solution to meet our highest standards, Microsoft is assuring customers that these certified solutions work with their investments in Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft congratulates K3 Software Solutions on the software test results and wishes it success in earning the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics designation.

About K3 Software Solutions

Fuelled by industry expertise and the desire for excellence in execution, K3 Software Solutions strives to provide its customers with repeatable industry solutions that can, where necessary, be further tailored to meet their individual needs and deliver measurable business benefits, all built using Microsoft Dynamics.

Moreover, K3 Software Solutions is the ISV (independent software vendor) of the K3 Business Technology Group plc. In this regard, K3 Software Solutions develops repeatable industry specific software, optimized for worldwide distribution through a robust partner network.

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