Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016: are you ready for the change?

This year the NAV community met in Mannheim, Germany on October 5 – 7, 2015 for Directions EMEA. Directions EMEA is the Dynamics NAV conference organized by partners. It attracts of 1.000 Dynamics NAV partners, ISVs, executives, developers and implementer who come to network and experienced the latest technical enhancements.

For the unfortunate ones that didn’t get the opportunity to visit Directions EMEA 2015, or for those that did join, but felt that they might have missed something, I thought I’d share a brief overview of the exciting news around NAV 2016. which was announced during the event. The release is a consistent delivery of Microsoft’s Statement of Directions and the capabilities have grown tremendously.

This new release is consistent with Microsoft’s Statement of Direction and shows that the capabilities in Dynamics NAV have grown tremendously. With the new enhancements, Dynamics NAV gives the end-users new tools, integrations and services to increase their productivity and enable them to do their daily work in a different way.

With the universal app, one of the new key features of NAV 2016, and leveraging the cloud, customers can work wherever and however they want. This is a truly unique experience within a product of the scale of Dynamics NAV.

Power B.I. and the other analytic capabilities give the users the power to be self-sufficient in their search to find the right statistics to drive their business. With the improvements for document management in NAV 2016 (such as workflows, E-invoicing, etc.), and the CRM integration, the need to enter plain data into the system will definitely be reduced. With Power BI, customers can easily structure the data from NAV in such a way that they can work the way they want to without being slowed down by the ERP system.

Most of the new functionalities are now integrated with cloud services, and most integrations have a ‘freemium’ price model. This means that it is possible to take a closer look at the solution without any initial investments. Once a prospect decides to take full advantage of the solutions, there is the possibility to select the best monthly plan per number of users.

With what we saw at Directions EMEA, NAV will be fun to work with, offering new clever ways to do business. All this innovation also brings a number of questions – “are the users ready for this new way of working?” and “what do we need to do to get ready to train them to do things smarter?”

Now that NAV 2016 has been released, the K3 team can put the finishing touches on the development of pebblestone|fashion 2016. This will become the cornerstone of our “Fashion Productivity” proposition. The first wave of integrations will focus on CRM and collaboration with future enhancements such as POS integration, E.D.I. and omni-channel. And then we’re still not done because our next focus will be to deliver the web, tablet and phone first experience on pebblestone|fashion and self-service BI. We are still investigating what we will do with workflows, especially for PLM, Measurements and Calculations. More on that to come in the coming months.

We had a great time in Mannheim and we congratulate the Directions EMEA team in organizing this very successful event!

About pebblestone|fashion

pebblestone|fashion is the leading business software solution for companies in the fashion industry, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Wholesalers, brand owners, private label and CMT companies in apparel, footwear, sporting goods, corporate and promotional wear and accessories can run their entire business through one fully integrated software solution.

About K3 Software Solutions

pebblestone|fashion has been developed by K3 Software Solutions. Fuelled by industry expertise and the desire for excellence in execution, K3 strives to provide its customers with repeatable industry solutions that can, where necessary, be further tailored to meet their individual needs and deliver measurable business benefits, all built using Microsoft technology.

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