An insider's view into the product development of ax|is fashion development

Few weeks ago, K3 Software Solutions announced the new release of ax|is fashion V3 and today we will meet Gerdien Cammeraat, ax|is fashion product manager, to discover what’s new in the latest version and what we will be developed in the future.

Hello Gerdien and thank you for your time. Why don’t you start by introducing yourself and tell us how and when you joined the K3 Software Solutions family.

My name is Gerdien Cammeraat, I studied Fashion Management and have almost 20 years of experience in IT and fashion. I joined K3 Software Solutions 5 years ago and I am currently the product manager for ax|is fashion. In this role I am responsible for the product and everything that comes with it, like managing the development team, defining the roadmap, and ensuring we have the right demo environments and documentation to go with the solution.

About the new release, could you tell us what is new? And what are the biggest changes?

The main focus for ax|is fashion V3 was improving the seasonal planning and control functionality, which is typical for the fashion industry. We have been working on pre-season planning and in-season planning, but also invested time to make sure the seasons can be used for seasonal analysis afterwards. Secondly, we have introduced inventory recall and balancing to make sure the inventory is optimized for sales opportunities. The third thing to mention is the consignment functionality to cater for specific retail business scenario including automated communication. Of course we have also improved existing functionality like a cool chart on the mark down modelling and a central (visual) place for managing pictures.

How do you decide what to add?

A K3 Software Solutions we work with clear development principles which include a clear solution roadmap to ensure continuity in product development. This is a long term investment for us and when we look at what we would like to add to future releases, we look towards the key requirements of the industry. Input comes from conversations with our customers, prospects and from industry experts working at K3 and our partners.

How will the customer benefit from these new release and functionalities?

We always develop and build on ax|is fashion with the industry in mind. By doing that, we can provide our customers with out-of-the- box fashion functionality which means there is less of a need for expensive customizations and a quicker implementation time. One of the biggest business benefits in ax|is fashion V3 is that we have optimized Microsoft Dynamics for Retail for use in a seasonally-driven business environment, something that is a day-to-day reality for most fashion and apparel companies.

What’s next?

The developments in ax|is fashion to date have been focused on ensuring we have broad-based solution with robust functionality. Moving forward, we will invest in more functionality for the specific needs of the certain types of fashion and apparel companies such as workwear and personalization. But first we will upgrade our solution to the new Microsoft AX 7. With this release we will get a modern and very intuitive user interface to work with and lots of new possibilities for embedded Business Intelligence.

About ax|is fashion

ax|is fashion is a flexible and scalable solution that offers fashion and apparel enterprises a tailored environment in which to gain insight and control over all processes and channels to market. The customized tools, pre-configured to align to specific fashion tasks and processes, drive agility and productivity. The out-of-the-box fashion functionality means little to no need for extensive back-end configuration, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and quicker ROI.

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