What’s new in pebblestone|fashion 2016

K3 Software Solutions is very pleased to announce the launch of pebblestone|fashion 2016, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

In the previous release we focused on giving you the possibility to:

  • Have an easy-to-demo solution. We extended our demo companies and provided demo scripts to make it easier for you to showcase the most important and most compelling parts of our solution;

  • Work anywhere, anytime using your tablet as part of the sales and order process and its beautiful interface will definitely impress your customers;

  • Quickly and easily management of fashion specific issues like collections and seasons, pre-sales and direct orders, replenishments, style, colour and size handling through the matrix, which lies at the very heart of our solution.

But now, let’s take a closer look at what’s new in pebblestone|fashion 2016 and as you read through the next piece, it will become clear that we aimed to make things even easier and quicker, for both our partners and customers.

pebblestone|fashion 365 on Microsoft Azure.

It has now become very easy to deploy pebblestone|fashion 2016 in Office 365 and on Microsoft Azure in just minutes. Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure, created by Microsoft, for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed and Microsoft partner hosted datacentres.

Rapid Implementation.

In close cooperation with our pebblestone|fashion 365 partners, we have further improved our implementation methodology making possible to be up and running in 10 business days. The implementation plan gives guidance on which topics to discuss and how long each topic should take. Moving forward, the implementation plan has been designed in such a way that it will even be possible to further decrease the implementation time to 8 business days

An additional benefit of the improved methodology is that new pebblestone|fashion 2016 users will be able to quickly and easily learn how to use the solution while the implementation is taking place.

Rapidstart Translation Toolkit.

We are happy to announce the release of a new pebblestone|fashion Rapidstart Translation Toolkit which enables partners to translate packages. This means that pebblestone|fashion’s future translations and localization will be easier and faster and that customers will quickly experience the benefits of the solution in their own language.

Updated profiles and role centres.

To make our solution easy to understand and easy to use, the role centres will be very simple and clean and will always show only the relevant documents and statistics for each department.

Web first.

With Dynamics NAV 2016, Microsoft have come up with more than 60 enhancements in web client. That’s why we thought it was high priority to deliver a web first solution for the fashion and apparel companies as well.

Indeed, besides the effort of Microsoft, we improved the usability of the matrix, we made the picture factbox suitable for web with drag and drop functionality, and the Bing maps overview available also on the web client. Now users will have a consistent experience across tablets, phones, and web browsers.

Material Planning.

With the new material planning page it is now possible to easily make drop decisions based on the total quantities / units required for materials. A drop decision is the decision to discontinue items from the collection that is currently being sold (and typically is used in a presales scenario). Dropped items will be blocked for future sales and existing presales orders will be cancelled or replaced.

In addition, we have reviewed and improved other functionality:

  • Calculation prices that could deviate per colour or per location;

  • PLM availability for web and tablet clients;

  • An option “None” has been added to the field “Show By” in the Sales Target & Analysis Matrix to enter targets for a season or collection rather than for a specific period.

Because pebblestone|fashion 2016 is based on NAV 2016, all the great new features of NAV 2016 are available as well. Key features of NAV 2016 are the web capabilities, truly bringing a web-first experience, all capabilities that we have applied to pebblestone|fashion 2016 as well.

Demo scripts and PowerPoints.

Our partners will be able to describe scenarios to demonstrate the most important and appealing parts of pebblestone|fashion 2016 in a structured way using the demo companies as the starting point.

With the product demonstration guide hours of preparations can be saved and a smooth product presentation can be given with less than an hour of preparation time.

About pebblestone|fashion.

pebblestone|fashion, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is a fully integrated, proven solution tailored to the needs of small and medium sized fashion and apparel companies. Over 11.000 users in almost 600 companies in 40 countries have already made pebblestone|fashion their fashion software solution of choice.

Do you want to know more about pebblestone|fashion? Download the booklet now!

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