The New Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX7) – Join the launch event!

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft is preparing a global online AX launch event called “Microsoft Dynamics AX Launch Event”, held on March 9, 2016.

During the event you will be able to hear from Microsoft experts who developed the new solution and from customers who experienced Dynamics AX in real life and see what’s new in the solution and how companies can benefit from new and updated functionalities.

In developing Dynamics AX solutions, an ERP solution for large enterprises, Microsoft is delivering on its "mobile-first, cloud-first" strategy. That’s why from this year on, the solution will be called Microsoft Dynamics AX, without any additional indications of versions and upgrades.

Dynamics AX will be updated and maintained regularly, without the need for large and disruptive cumulative updates. At the same time, AX in the cloud will enable easier integration with other cloud-based solutions (i.e. Office 365, SharePoint, and CRM Online).

What’s Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the Microsoft’s business solution for enterprises that enables people to make smarter decisions faster with access to real-time insights and intelligence on nearly any device, anywhere. It enables business to redesign their business processes faster so they can innovate and get quick time to value to stay ahead of the competition. It gives businesses the flexibility to grow at their pace through the choice and flexibility of the cloud, allowing them to scale their operations globally to meet business needs.

The new Microsoft Dynamics AX will be released on Azure first, as previously announced, and deployed by Microsoft LCS deployment services. Also ax|is fashion will be available on Azure and the new Dynamics AX.

What’s ax|is fashion?

ax|is fashion from is a concept-to-consumer solution, embedded in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel industry.

This flexible and scalable solution offers fashion and apparel enterprises a tailored environment in which to gain insight and control over all processes and channels to market.

The customized tools, pre-configured to align to specific fashion tasks and processes, drive agility and productivity. The out-of-the-box fashion functionality means no need for extensive back-end configuration, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and quicker ROI.

Learn more about the all-new Microsoft Dynamics AX and how it can improve your speed of doing business. Register here!

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