What’s new in REALIZe v.2?

K3 Software Solutions the industry's leading provider of omni-channel software solutions, today unveiled the new release of REALIZe, the digital platform that connects all channels and touch points to deliver a personal and consistent customer experience.

REALIZe allows you to:

  • Connect online, mobile, social and in-store experiences through a fully integrated global platform

  • Evolve with your changing and growing business needs and emerging technologies

  • Present products consistently across all channels to acquire and retain more customers

Your customers want to shop and connect with you online and in-store, as well as via mobile and social networks. With this new release we want to give you the opportunity to build a complete seamlessly smooth retail experience.

New UI theme

The new REALIZe UI theme is built with Bootstrap, the most popular framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Enhancements to the responsive design means that content is now better optimized for the customer’s device, no matter what size of screen they use, providing a great mobile shopping experience and helping to maximize conversion rates.

Page versioning

REALIZe Page Versioning allows web content managers to define multiple versions of web pages with customised layouts built up from HTML content. You can preview new versions of web pages and schedule them to automatically go live when required. This enables you to take full control over the content on your web store and seamlessly launch new promotional banners and campaigns at exactly the right time.

Mega Menu

The REALIZe mega menu enables easy and effective navigation to categories and content pages on your web store and gives you full control over your multi-level site navigation hierarchy so you can help customers to find what they’re looking for.

HTML content can be added to the menu, enabling you to display eye-catching promotions and messages to web shoppers that link through to other areas of your store.

Azure Search

REALIZe Azure Search utilizes the power of Microsoft’s Azure Search to provide powerful and sophisticated faceted search and navigation functionality on the Realize web store, enabling customers to find the products they want to purchase quickly and easily.

Product stickers

REALIZe Product Stickers enables web content managers to apply promotional labels against specific categories, products, or product variants.to highlight important information or promotions (e.g. New Season, Summer Sale, etc.). An easy to use admin UI makes it easy to design stickers that fit in with the branding of your website. This function is integrated with Dynamics AX promotions to enable Dynamics AX customers to synchronize their promotions down to their REALIZe site and quickly add stickers to them without having to assign products manually.

Smart contact

Provide your customers with a range of Contact Us options (e.g. sales queries, order management queries, complaints, etc.) and then channel the different enquiry types to specific email inboxes to ensure that customer enquiries are sent straight to the team that can assist them. Website administrators can define their own contact options to ensure relevance for their business.

ax|is fashion connector

Our eCommerce platform is now integrated to both Microsoft Dynamics AX and ax|is fashion. This ensures you can present your products consistently and reliably across all your channels and touch points. You will benefit from improved efficiencies and control through centralized data and asset management.


REALIZe is a fully integrated solution to deliver an omni-channel platform that connects all channels and touch points for a personalized and consistent customer experience. It can be tailored to meet your needs for the look, feel and functionality of your site and makes it easy for you to stay current with the latest trends and technologies.

REALIZe is tightly integrated to Microsoft Dynamics and ensures you can present your products consistently and reliably across all your channels and touch points. This means your customers get a great experience and you benefit from improved efficiencies and control through centralized data and asset management.

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