How Millennials are reshaping the fashion industry: marketing to men

Menswear is a fast growing segment of the fashion industry, prompted by males born between the early 1980s and 2000. While some think millennial men all struggle financially, many have full-time jobs and extra money to spend. Millennials are reshaping the fashion industry through their shopping habits, which has led to a drastic change in how companies market their products. To market apparel to this generation of men, consider how they think and shop.

What is their fashion shopping behavior?

According to The Boston Consulting Group, 38% of millennial men shop for clothing more than twice a month, as opposed to 10% of other generations and they spend double the amount on apparel as other men do. The BCG article also mentions that men prefer to shop in an upbeat environment with good music and plenty of space. They are more likely to trust sales associates who wear the merchandise they sell and can confidently advise the customer.

Yet, young men don’t like running from store to store, so give them less decisions to make but give them the best. They are willing to spend more on clothing that lasts longer so they don’t have to keep buying new pieces of apparel. Millennial men also spend more time on grooming than past generations. To better accommodate their male customers, stores such as Tankfarm & Co. offer other items along with men’s clothing, such as pomade and beard oil.

Key strategies to succesfully approach millennial men

Using an omni-channel platform is an effective way to appeal to the millennial male. While you may have an attractive retail store and website, the millennial male may ignore these and head first to Twitter and Facebook, both to get to know your brand and also to read what other customers have to say about you.

According to the Nielson Newswire, 70% of millennial men use social networking and this is where they are more likely to learn about companies. They trust this information much more than past generations. Fashion marketing towards this group is best done through social media, a channel that this group trusts and enables them to engage and connect with the brands they are loyal to.

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