Consumer shopping habits transforming retail industry

Clothing has become the new commodity and is experiencing similar challenges to that of the FMCG sector some fifteen years ago. Supermarkets now pose a considerable threat to traditional clothing retailers through strategies such as copying products and moving apparel sales away from the high street.

In so doing, consumers have seen little difference between the quality and design of garments from value retailers and the high street. Traditional apparel retailers must then look to the retail experience specifically.

In connecting with consumers to bring joy to their brand essence, retail stores need to become a platform for a differentiated experience. Similarly, the digital platform must become more personalized and relevant.

User experience becomes a top priority

Service extensions in bricks and mortar stores put coffee shops in stores such as Marks and Spencer, and Primark. Similarly, in other developments, we see Uniqlo using Magic Mirror technology, helping shoppers decide which item to buy without trying every colour option first.

What is clear, is that the user experience for the retail digital platform, can be improved.

Consumer habits are rapidly changing and transforming the retail industry for good. "See-Now-Buy-Now" has become the trend since buyers have become bored of the endless lists of products as can often be seen on retailing websites. According to data from Dexter, in February, 2014 there were 48,000 Women’s clothing items listed on Marks and Spencer website. It is hard to imagine consumers being able to choose easily from this vast number of items, hence the trend for personalization of products relevant to the individual.

During such a time of intense changes to the habits and expectations of the fashion and clothing consumer, it is easy to see why the future of many retailers lies in the implementation of advanced ERP software.


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