Mastering the Fashion Omni-channel

The business of fashion is constantly evolving. Inspiration, style, color, and silhouette, aren't the only trends a smart company monitors and tracks.

Effective communication between brands and consumers has become more accessible with the Internet. It gets complicated when you're attempting to create an action plan and strategy to utilize each platform that's available to you. One way to master the new fashion omni-channel is to link all your channels together for an ongoing, consistent brand message and customer experience.

1. Brick-and-Mortar

The brick and mortar storefront is like the home base of the brand. The consumer can get up close and personal with the garments, see the clothes, and touch them. It sets the precedent for pricing, customer service, inventory and the initial shopping experience.

2. Mobile Phones and Websites

Everything a customer loves about a store should also be available on their website or App. Just in case a customer comes in and finds something they like but it's the wrong color or size, there's always the option to jump on the website or app and see if it's available at another location or online.

In addition, websites and apps collect data that contribute to customer profiles, and the overall inventory for the store. Virtual try-ons and customization are just a few services you can offer that increase the value of your brand and help build customer loyalty.

3. Social Media

Social Media upgrades the customer experience by allowing consumers to engage with the brand in real time. It also allows you to directly address concerns, showcase your expertise, get customer feedback, and increase brand awareness through likes or shares. The trick is to link all the accounts together so when you create one status it goes out to all the followers.

You can also streamline certain content to certain followers based on their preferences and purchases. To get the most out of social media keep your posts consistent, only use your best images and video, keep the content current, and treat it like it's a commercial for your brand.

Technology can assist brands in their quest to optimize the fashion omni-channel with software specifically geared towards the fashion industry. Retail operates in a fast paced environment, use every tool at your disposal to survive and turn a profit.

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