ax|is fashion and The New Dynamics AX, a perfect fit!

Just like most of the ISV’s, K3 Software Solutions too was challenged to incorporate their solution into the new Dynamics AX.
In the upcoming release, we’ve fully integrated our ax|is fashion solution into the New Dynamics AX, including:
  • Converting all our .NET components into HTML5.

  • Creating complete new data entities.

  • Fully integrating Microsoft Update 1 & 2.

  • Using all capabilities of Azure.

  • Renewed Adobe Illustrator integration.

  • And much more…

Because of the client-side of Dynamics AX is now browser only, we’ve adopted the standard look and feel into our solution. Instead of former separate forms, we now make use of “sliders”.

Figure 1: Using a Matrix-view for order entry, showing all available variants in one form.

Again we use a graphical view when needed to help the user to enter the correct data.

Figure 2: Using a ratio-curve to distribute a sales quantity over the different sizes.

Viewing and maintaining images on products in a user-friendly way.

Figure 3: Showing and maintaining images linked to a specific product and its variants.

Full project-like view on Product Lifecycle.​

Figure 4: Product Lifecycle plan.

Figure 5: Product lifecycle plan GANTT chart.

And of course it’s not just the look and feel we’ve adopted in our ax|is fashion solution.
ax|is fashion fully uses all the new capabilities of Dynamics AX, re-designed where needed, fine-tuned where possible and made to match the ever changing demands of the fashion industry of today.

We’re proud to say again that ax|is fashion and Dynamics Ax: “It’s a perfect fit!“

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