Focus is vital to your fashion business

Many fashion experts still attribute little value to ICT for their business. The often heard statement that Excel is the most used ERP system surely applies to this industry, where creativity to build winning collections is valued exponentially higher than the ability to run processes in the most efficient and effective, and therefore profitable, way. There’s no denying the fact that the real fashion experts should focus on what they are good at, it is as undeniable that only those companies that are able to organize their business in a proper way, will be able to remain successful for a longer period of time.

Fashion business software plays a vital role in this. Too often, business owners in fashion view ICT as an annoying cost, instead of a means to become more profitable. When they outgrow Excel, costs are the most crucial factor in selecting a new business management solution. Not the total cost of ownership (TCO) but the initial investment required to get the solution up and running. So, not the costs that come with keeping the solution “alive” over time and certainly not the cost savings that it could deliver over time.

Because of the emphasis on the cost element, business owners in fashion often choose an ERP solution that is generic, without any fashion industry specific functionality. In that case, they can indeed be assured that they will only face the cost element, and not reap the benefits. These non-industry specific solutions are often acquired from a software partner that knows as little from the fashion industry as the fashion business owner knows from ICT.

Choosing the appropriate fashion ERP solution will enable you to better define and communicate your designs and specifications for your suppliers and/or production sites. It will make it possible to enter the high volume of pre-book orders that come with each new collection in a relatively short time, in the required detail. In that way, you will be able quickly establish the required quantities for purchase or production, enabling you to ensure accurate delivery to your customers. It will give you the possibility to analyze your results in order to continuously optimize the size and build-up of your future collections. It will bring you uncountable benefits.

That's why we decided to offer our fashion productivity suite as an easy to consume, subscription-based solution based on the number of users you need and the length of the contract you decided on. With no huge upfront investment, this flexible way of funding your apparel ERP solution offers a simple route to increased agility and productivity.

With a quick and easy implementation, the suite offers out-of-the-box functionality that covers the entire fashion and apparel wholesale value chain.

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