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Cloud adoption is increasing quickly as organizations are looking to reduce IT costs, increase agility and better support business functions. However, security of data and systems in the cloud remains a key issue and critical barrier to faster adoption of cloud services.

A recurring theme amongst decision makers for not adopting ERP services is the perceived lack of security. The LinkedIn Cloud Security spotlight report revealed that 90% of organizations have security concern, including unauthorized access (63%) through misuse of employee credentials and improper access controls, hijacking of accounts (61%), and malicious insiders (43%).

In spite of these concerns, the vast majority of organizations still use and are planning to implement cloud models to meet their business' needs due to the many benefits they bring.

What are the gains of implementing a Cloud solution?

Functionalities will differ slightly from vendor to vendor, and depending on how the product is tailored to the industry's needs, but in most cases there will be some common benefits that can be found in any Fashion Cloud Solution:

  • Easy to implement: saving time and money during implementation;

  • User-friendly: allowing you to access your critical information from anywhere at any time;

  • Cost effective, you only pay for what you use, when you use it;

  • State of the art, you always get the latest version.

These assets are confirmed by the results of to the LinkedIn survey: Cloud is delivering on its promise of flexibility (51%), availability (50%) and much talked about cost reductions (48%). The mere fact that of not needing to upgrade an out-of-the-box fashion ERP software every year on average plays a big role in the decision making process when planning to implement a new solution within companies.

In addition, virtualization and cloud-based services help companies get cost savings by eliminating the need for investment in infrastructure, greater flexibility in the use of resources, improved performance, higher security and availability and faster backups. In addition, scalability will be optimal, only using and paying for only the required processing and storage space that you actually use.

The fashion industry is no different here, leading to slow adoption of fashion software solutions in the cloud.

That’s why we decided to develop a fashion productivity platform. We believe that a cloud-based, offering out-of-the box functionality can unburden and leave them to focus on doing what they do best.

The solution is suited to smaller fashion and apparel wholesalers, brand owners and distributors, tailored to their specific needs, always available and easy to use. Of course we took care also about security. Our suite is offered in the cloud with Azure, the reliable Microsoft platform.


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