How you can sell a fashion collection through wholesale and distribution

You may have an ideal timeline in your head about when to start selling your fashion collection, but before you set in stone the when you must decide on the how. Each sales strategy comes with its own set of considerations. If you wish to wholesale your collection, keep these factors in mind:

How do you find the right wholesalers?

Finding the right wholesaler takes time. The U.S. Small Business Association recommends five locations to find wholesalers: internet, trade shows, trade magazines, personal referrals from business networking events, and referrals from brand manufacturers. After you do your homework, you should have a short list of wholesalers that will be a good fit for you.

How can you successfully manage your pre-sales?

As a new small apparel company, you want to keep your overhead as low as possible, causing you to cut some corners. Neglecting pre-sale customer service is not the way to save money. If you have not automated your business yet, now is the time. Handwritten notes, word processor files and spreadsheets may result in mistakes or missed orders. Instead, opt for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is customized to the size of your business. These programs will integrate your files, so you can successfully manage your pre-sales.

What is the role of a distributor?

A wholesale distributor works in one of two ways to put your collection in the hands of consumers. Distributors buy from you, mark-up your product, and sell to retail-stores or directly to customers. In a nutshell, a distributor's role is to facilitate the movement of your collection from your production to the retail-store or directly to customers. Your distributor will fill orders from the retail-store as they need more items or fill orders from consumers. In each case, they make their money from the mark-up they put on your collection.

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