What’s new in pebblestone|fashion 2017?

K3 Software Solutions is very pleased to announce the launch of pebblestone|fashion 2017, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

In the previous release we focused on deploying pebblestone|fashion 2016 in Office 365 and on Microsoft Azure Office 365, improving our implementation methodology making possible to be up and running in 10 business days, creating the Rapidstart Translation Toolkit, updating the profiles and role centers, delivering a web first solution for the fashion and apparel companies and making the new material planning available.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in pebblestone|fashion 2017 and how it will improve fashion and apparel companies’ productivity.

1. Fast fashion

In the Fashion Industry some companies abandon the path of offering the traditional presales collections, because they want to be more flexible in what they offer in the stores. This trend is often referred to as Fast Fashion.

In pebblestone|fashion 2017 substantial improvements have been made that support customers that don’t sell the traditional presales collections and have no collections at all or many collections in a year. In this release we mainly focused on providing better insights in available stocks and expected receipts for the sales team. These insights allow the customer to quickly renew the retail collections, especially in combination with our Retail Management solution.

2. Product Lifecycle Management

In the fashion industry, product lifecycle management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products. PLM integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.

The following improvements have been made to the PLM solution:

  • Simplifications in the PLM and the planning engine.

  • Automatically closing or starting PLM activities using events from the Back office

  • Support calendars to avoid planned work on non-working days

3. Traffic

The Traffic granule, which is part of the Product Lifecycle Management pack, gives the possibility to monitor, plan and control processes related to producing, shipping, transporting and receiving goods. The traffic functionality allows the user to define the milestones of those processes and to set up and maintain a planning for those milestones.

Each Traffic represents a route for incoming or outgoing goods (e.g. all goods that are on one vessel or on one truck) for which the planned receipt or shipment dates can be updated at once allowing the sales and purchase departments to have accurate and up-to-date order planning and order promising. This granule is very useful when the production of the ordered goods occurs in a country far-away (e.g. a Brand Owner which has their designs created in a country in the far east).

This granule has now been re-designed, making it easier to use and it can easily be used to receive the goods upon arrival at the destination.

4. Measurements

With the PDM module of pebblestone|fashion you can easily register the specs for each item in the Measurement Card. The measurements combined with a pattern (the technical blueprint of the item) are part of the Tech Pack, which is used as the total set of manufacturing instructions. Especially when the manufacturing happens abroad and/or is managed by another company, it is very important to precisely register the specs of the item.

The following improvements have been implemented on the measurements:

  • On the Picture factbox an action has been added to instantly take a photo using the camera of your device.

  • When a measurement is copied to the archive, it’s now possible to clear the comments and the re-measurements that were used during the quality to check on the active measurement.

  • It’s possible to register re-measurements on a certified measurement.

5. Fashion Productivity suite

Our customers are evolving, their business processes are changing rapidly and wholesale and retail are fused together. A generic ERP solution does not meet their needs anymore. Fashion Productivity is a suite of integrated solutions / apps that a fashion company needs to run their entire business.

Apart from pebblestone|fashion, today that suite of products consists of:

  • REALIZe, the B2B webshop, fully integrated with pebblestone|fashion, that supports presales collection and the in-season collection both for wholesalers and brand-owners. Also sales agents can benefit of REALIZe, ordering on behalf of their customers, improving their customer service and increasing order volumes.

  • A brand new K3 POS system that gives you the possibility to serve customers everywhere in your store with no need for a register. The software has an intuitive and user friendly interface that makes it is very easy to implement with no long term project phase needed, it runs across all your units regardless of operating system. Thanks to the integration with pebblestone|fashion, product information like transactions, replenishment, stock levels are always up to date and shared between the systems.

  • In the future we want to extend this offering with B2C platform, B.I. capabilities and more services for the retail market.

About pebblestone|fashion.

pebblestone|fashion, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is a fully integrated, proven solution tailored to the needs of small and medium sized fashion and apparel companies. Over 11.000 users in almost 600 companies in 40 countries have already made pebblestone|fashion their fashion software solution of choice.

Would you like to know more about pebblestone|fashion? Watch the free demo video!

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