How to Create a Great Apparel Tech Pack in Three Steps

After the meticulous process of designing a piece of fashion is complete, the final phase before production finally arrives: creating a tech pack for your manufacturer.

For the uninitiated, tech packs are a complete collection of data, covering all of the specifications of a garment. The best tech packs include images, fabric details, accessory details, label information and positioning, and meticulous measurements. This is the endpoint of the input from the designer; bulk manufacturing relies entirely on the information in the tech pack.

So, how to create an apparel tech pack based on your fashion designs? Here are the three major steps to translating your designer's vision to a formalized tech pack:

1. Start with accurate CAD images of your garment.

Include a proportional image of what each component of your garment looks like together, so there is no question what you intend your design to look like after production. This image is the centerpiece of your tech pack, so anybody who needs reference information during manufacturing immediately sees what your design looks like as a whole.

2. Create a complete spreadsheet of the specifications of your item.

Leave no detail out: measurements, materials, colors, everything your manufacturer needs to know about your design. Look for any relevant data points that you can mirror as notes pointing to the CAD image.

3. Get your final tech pack reviewed.

Whether in-house, or with a third-party consultant, get someone with experience in the garment industry to review your tech pack. Ideally, the information that makes it to manufacturing is completely final, so this is the most important step of the process.

Once you review your completed tech pack, you're ready to send it to a manufacturer, and finally get to the fun part: your garment, rolling off the production line.

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