Fashion Buying Calendar: Sell and Delivery Dates for Womenswear Boutiques

In the industry of fashion, there are several ways that you can present your product to the market. In this blog we have already covered options such as e-commerce and wholesaling, but it is also a good choice to target fashion boutiques to sell your garments. One of the advantages of choosing this type of distributor is that they are usually small-sized companies where you can build a trustful relationship with the owner.

Keep an eye on the buying schedules

An essential fact that fashion designers need to know before engaging in business with (womenswear) boutiques is that their buying schedules are somewhat different from Federated lines since they have less storage room and thus must place their seasonal orders a little later.

It is also common that they begin purchasing from their main vendors first to make sure they have the best selection of those items for on display (therefore the importance of 'building a trustful relationship' earlier mentioned). Afterwards they actively look for new lines so they can offer something that other shops in their area don't carry.

Fashion Buying Calendar: Sell and Delivery Dates

The following fashion buying calendar, sell and delivery dates is a guideline of what most boutiques do, not set rules. One trend that does exist with most boutiques is the short lead time. This provides designers who can ship their goods within 6 weeks a big advantage. Once a boutique knows this and likes you, they will most probably use your line to fill in their stock and order more often.

As such, their buying schedule oftentimes looks like this:

  • Spring I: Sold from end of August – end of October; Delivered January 30, February 28, and March 30

  • Spring II: Sold from October – January; Delivered March 30, April 30, and May 30

  • Fall I: Sold from end of January – March; Delivered July 15 and August 30

  • Fall II: Sold from March – April; Delivered September 30

  • Holiday: Sold from May – June; Delivered October 15 – October 30

  • Resort: Sold from June – August; Delivered November 30, December 30, and January 15

This schedule makes some consultants nervous because they feel the boutique is playing it too close to the season. However, the boutiques want to want to be nimble and react to what’s working for them. As such, the later they place their orders, the more information (e.g. selling history) they have to base those orders on.

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