REALIZe 3.0 version release announcement

REALIZe version 3.0 release

K3 Software Solutions is pleased to announce a new release for our digital platform REALIZe, the comprehensive solution that enables small to medium size wholesalers to go beyond eCommerce and connect with their customers anytime and anywhere.

We believe that what makes an eCommerce platform great is the capacity to create seamless shopping experiences for consumers and business management easy and effective for business owners. That is why we have been polishing REALIZe up focusing specially on enhancing customer buyer’s process and improving the shop management functionalities in order to make it more responsive and user-friendly.

New functionalities that respond to new market trends.

Omni-channel retailing is here to stay, or so it seems. The challenges of the increasingly competitive industry and the rapid changing consumer behavior has made the market trends swift towards a model where it is essential to provide customers with a smooth purchasing journey that remains stable across all channels.

The B2B landscape is no different in this case: efficient and satisfactory experiences are the key to create loyalty and customer retention. In this environment, it is vital for business owners to have the most agile and adaptative solutions that will enable them to connect with customers in the most effective way.

In order to provide a seamless and consistent shopping journey to your customers, we have developed the following functions for the 3.0 version of REALIZe:

Bulk purchase

Products from presales and NOOS can now be ordered all at once, and the REALIZe web shop will automatically split them during the check out for the customer.

Order below zero stock

Goods can be ordered even if there is no stock available at the moment of the purchase, and the online store will show the users the expected delivery date to facilitate their shopping decision-making.

Multiple sales agents

A single customer can now have one or many sales agents attached to them, who can select and purchase on their behalf. Of course the customer will be able to edit or modify the purchase anytime while it is in the shopping cart.

Requested Delivery Date

Until now, the delivery of the goods was scheduled depending on the availability of the garments and the carrier services. With this new feature, the user can ask for a request delivery date for the placed order and the system will run an availability check in order to confirm the request.

Product reviews

The customers can now write reviews of the purchased products that will be displayed within the product page for other users to read. This functionality is a step forward in the social integration of REALIZe and allows business owners to further connect and engage with their customers

Multi-channel order management

Multi-channel order, shipment and invoice history makes the REALIZe web shop a service portal for your customers. Orders, shipment notes and invoices can now be requested on the web shop anytime and the requested documents will come from the ERP back office in PDF format available for the customer.

REALIZe version 3.0 release multi channel

Example of the multi-channel order history functionality

Shop management made easy.

Of course, there is more to it. It is our goal to provide you with a powerful platform that allows you to run your business smoothly and with ease. For this reason, we have implemented functionalities and features that make REALIZe more intuitive and user-friendly than ever, so you can easily manage your online shop and focus on the things that matter the most.

New matrix setup

Flexible matrix setup on product level. So not only products with colour and size but also waist and inseam or cup and breast sizes can be setup and used on the online shop.

Your shop, your ERP choice

Backend web API enables you to extend your store across a huge range of ERP systems, so you can choose the solution that works best for you and your business.

Sleek design

The online store can now be managed through the new redesigned admin area, which is fully responsive and straightforward.

Overview of the redesigned administration area


REALIZe is a fully integrated solution to deliver a simple and unified omni-channel platform that connects all channels and touch points to deliver a personal and consistent customer experience. It can be tailored to meet your needs for look, feel and functionality of your site and makes it easy for you to stay current with the latest trends and technologies.

REALIZe is built on top of nopCommerce, an ASP.NET based open-source eCommerce platform. The key benefit of nopCommerce is its pluggable modular or layered architecture which allows additional functionality to users. This way, new elements can be added to the application at run-time and it makes it easy to create and manage the websites. For further customization of your web store, nopCommerce has a marketplace which contains over 500.000 plugins and themes developed by partners and individual contributors, including cost-free products.

For a complete overview of the available functions and features provided by nopCommerce visit:

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