Is Excel all there is for fashion companies to manage their business processes?

As a small fashion business, it can be difficult justifying investing in business management software. Your priority has to be your product and your brand's promotion, and this is especially true in the fashion industry where the quality of your product means everything. Luckily, there is a cost-effective solution that every small fashion business can implement to manage their business.

Effective and cost efficient tool

You've probably used some of the Microsoft Office Suite in the past, most likely Word or Powerpoint at a personal or beginner level. But Excel, which is commonly considered a spreadsheet tool, is actually a powerful business management tool that doesn't require much technological knowledge to learn and can be a practical tool in order to keep track of your business data.

There are both video and written tutorials that can help you using different features it offers, whether that means tracking income, managing and keeping track of your stock, or any of the other business functions a small fashion company might have to implement.

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Are there any other choices?

Excel can offer you good functionalities to manage part of your business processes at a much better price than other solutions, but as business grows and the data to manage becomes larger, spreadsheets can fall short of your company's expectations and lead to errors and data failures that can eventually cause major problenms in your business processes.

In order to have full control of all business processes, there are IT solutions that offer functionalities suitable for fashion businesses such as tailored ERP management systems, which have costs that vary from one provider to other.

The advantages of these solutions are, amongst others, that the staff of the company is able to run the entire apparel business through one fully integrated software solution, accessible from any device at any time, where all of the essential pre-sales to supply business processes are covered.

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