What Excel can offer to fashion companies to manage their business processes

If you are working in a small or medium sized company in the fashion industry, then you know how difficult it can get to justify investing in business management software. Your priority has to be your product and your brand's promotion, and this is especially true in the fashion industry where the quality of your product means everything. Luckily, there is a cost-effective solution that every small fashion business can implement to manage their business.

Cost efficient and practical

You've probably used some of the Microsoft Office Suite in the past, most likely Word or Powerpoint. But Excel, which is commonly considered a spreadsheet tool, is actually a powerful business management tool that doesn't require much technological knowledge to learn.

There are both video and written tutorials that can help you using different features it offers, whether that means tracking income, managing and keeping track of your stock, or any of the other business functions a small fashion company might have to implement.

As we said, Excel can offer you good functionalities to manage part of your business processes at a much better price than other solutions. But if you would like to have full control of all your business processes, then what you probably need is a tailored and affordable business management system.

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The advantage of using an IT solution is that you will be able to run your entire apparel business through one fully integrated product, accessible from any device at any time, where all your essential pre-sales to supply business processes are covered.

At K3 Software Solutions we have developed a complete business solution for the small and medium sized companies working in the Fashion and Apparel Industry , who find themselves in the situation where Excel is falling short of the mark, but cannot make large investments in IT solutions. pebblestone|fashion 365, a comprehensive solution fully integrated to:

  • The complete Office 365 suite, including all the familiar Office apps accessible anywhere

  • PDM and PLM to manage data and processes from concept to store

  • Collaboration tools through File sharing & Sharepoint

  • Accounting software to manage your cash, assets, and banking

  • All in the Cloud with Azure, the reliable Microsoft cloud platform

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