Top 4 Signs Your Business Needs A Fashion ERP Software

​Practically every company is born without an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution but it is nearly impossible for a business to grow and succeed without one, particularly in a creative industry such as fashion.

Usually businesses start implementing solutions as soons as specific issues are addressed, but how can they know when are they in real need of a fashion ERP software? There isn't a common signal for companies that raises the "You-Need-An-ERP" red flag , but there are some tell-tale signs that should indicate business owners when is the time to implement an business management solution.

With this in mind, we have put together an infographic showing the top 4 signs that will let you know your business is in need of a new ERP system.

1. Multiple Systems To Keep Track of Your Business

How do staff in your apparel business record, track and process information? Most probably Excel is part of this process, or maybe you've upgraded to another software that solves this particular task but, do your finance and product development staff use different systems for the the process of organizing the fashion collection task? Do creative designing staff also use another system completely different from the one the rest of your employees are using?

When various systems are running separately can eventually cause major issues in business processes and result in higher costs for your company. Aside from this, it will most definitely need extra customization from your IT team in order to integrate data and maintain them, which increases the probability of having human errors.

2. Looking For Information Has Become A Time-Consuming Task.

When running in different software systems, it is common to have some level of data integration, but even in those cases, information gets buried and it can be hard to track down specific material.

Have you ever been in the situation of checking details about customers in two different systems to to make sure they match? An effective ERP solutions gives you only one version of the truth, where every piece of information is synchronized to avoid any possible human errors and save employees valuable time when looking for specific data, whether it is regarding stock, customers, finance...

3. Losing Track Of Important Tasks.

Who is the employee responsible for this phone call and who was in attendance at that meeting? Has your company missed a bill or not received payment on an invoice? Would you even be able to tell without serious research if either one of those were the case? For many companies, this is the breaking point that pushes them over the line to finally adopt an ERP. If implementing one leads to more certainty of payment (and on-time payments), the return on investment can be huge.

4. You are failing your customers.

In today's market environment, the winning card goes, more than ever, to those businesses who care about and take care of their customers. In the fashion industry, more often than not the competition is too high for second chances when it comes to keeping customers happy.

When a growing company neglects to implement an ERP system, that company is likely to compromise its ability to provide the best service to its customers. Important tasks don't get assigned at all or no one can remember who was assigned to complete them. Too much time that could have been spent serving the customer is spent instead on tasks that could have been automated.

In the case of fashion businesses who own both an ecommerce site and a brick-and-mortar store this need is even more acute for there is a need to effectively integrate the data coming both from the online and physical store.

If a customer calls to check on their digitally completed purchase and your employees can’t definitively tell them whether it is on its way, or still being processed then it may be time to implement an effective fashion business management software that fulfills your business needs.


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