How Integrated Software improves your customers' experience

Fashion depends on the daring the style choices of devoted customers. With eCommerce and business software using less paper and giving access to data on-the-go, small fashion companies have the opportunity to develop a bold customer base without using too many systems.

Building Brand Loyalty

Building a relationship with your customers is just as important as building your fashion company's brand. Customers need to feel heard and respected for investing in your company. According to a report carried out by Accenture, 81% of customers in the United Stated feel loyal to brands that are there when they need them, but respect their time and leave them alone. And what is more significant - 78% of consumers reported that they are retracting loyalty at a faster pace than three years ago.

Using integrated software solutions allows businesses branch out their communications toward their costumers and respond to their needs more effectively by track pending orders and answering their questions rapidly, for example. These functionalities can also be integrated with an eCommerce store, which is a great way to showcase your fashion and have dedicated buyers promote your brand in uncharted territories.

Some other perks to using an integrated software system are the following:

  • Cloud-based integration centralizes information so employees can troubleshoot problems relating to better shipping processes and persistent issues.

  • Overdue invoices are a thing of the past. Stay on top of customer satisfaction!

  • By managing your inventory, you can improve color and sizes available to your customers in real-time!

  • A simple, clean interface that is easy to manage across departments and integrates all data making it easier and faster for employees to access specific information.

Communication amongst employees in a small business encourages maximum productivity. An integration software system gives employees the chance to converse with customers about promotional offers and style tips. Consistent customer service ensures that the size of your base can grow in the future.

Fast customer service empowers customers and relieves their anxiety, especially if they are ordering from you for the first time.

The fashion world is beautifully competitive. By eliminating middlemen and extra costs for managing your business, you have the freedom to solidify your independence and envision new ideas for your customers. More importantly, you can solidify analytics and finances without losing key data on branched out systems. Make everything easier by using less and getting more.

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