3 Ways To Improve Seasonal Sales In Fashion Retail

Summer, fall, winter, spring: The constant changing of seasons keeps the fashion industry fresh and exciting. But for those in the fashion industry, there is a more pressing question on mind: What trend or style will stick with the customers and win during sales time? Will your seasonal collection be successful?

Planning for seasonal sales is hard and risky, as most of fashion designers bet on forecasting to know about sales expectation, trends and so on. How do you improve fashion seasonal sales? It takes preparation, but, by planning your next move before you get there, your sales will stay more consistent year-round and you will retain customer loyalty.

1. Attract attention before the next season starts

Take advantage of the seasonal curve by promoting any special offers, new lines or limited additions in advance. Study the options that your area offers, if you are living in a small town, get in touch with the local magazine or newspaper to know about their advertisement rates and its reach within your local community.

If advertising is not an option due to your budget, social media is the best way to advertise across a wide market and keep your name in the forefront. Multiple social platforms offer free rates for businesses to create a profile and they even have guides and best practice tips in order to get the maximum profit out of them. These online platforms can be used as an opportunity to announce "the next big thing" in fashion and enter into conversation with your customers. If any conflicts arise, social media not only allows you to solve problems quickly and efficiently, but your response will attract instant positive feedback.

2. Add a personal touch

As a certain season gets underway, so does the competition. You may not be able to offer the best price or the steepest discounts. But, if it's a holiday season, offer free gift wrapping on purchases totaling a certain price. Or, for a typical seasonal change from summer to fall, offer a small freebie as a surprise to your customers.

A delighted customer is one that will come back to you time and time again. Lifelong customers will not only spend more money over time, but, once you have gained their trust, they are less price sensitive, purchasing off of quality and experience instead of discount.

3. Train Your Staff

Having well-trained employees can also have a positive effect on seasonal sales in your fashion retail business. Your staff is the face and voice of your company from the moment the customer walks in. By having employees that go the extra mile for your customer, their shopping experience will be more enjoyable - even in the case your fashion business does not have the garment the customer is looking for, well-trained staff should let them know where in the area they might find it. Small details like those will earn the trust of customers and provide you with good feedback and an increase of customer loyalty.

In various business ventures, sales will rise and fall, leaving you guessing at what the next season may bring. But, if you announce your hot deals on the newest fashion early and often, the inevitable fluctuation smooths out to a gentle wave. Adding your personal touch to kick off a new season or launch a new line will create customers for life, bringing stability to the sales roller coaster. And the best way to keep track of all your inventory, employees, feedback and customer relations, is to centralize your management.

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