Marketing Tips for B2B eCommerce from the World of B2C

Marketing a B2B e-commerce site operates slightly differently than one that markets directly to a consumer but a couple of tips can be learned from the B2C world in order to align your content to the needs of decision makers such as business executives, providing downloadable information, and in the case of a B2B wholesale e-commerce, attractive to potential customers.

Simplicity is Key

If you offer information or gated content through your site, only ask for a few basic details to access the content. There are often multiple people involved in a series of decisions to purchase your product or enter a contract with you. Therefore, make it easy to obtain information from your site. Keep the process simple and not arduous. For B2B wholesaling, simplicity is translated in details such as making it easy for your customers to create their profiles and navigate through your products.

You cannot stand apart from the competition by simply being more transactional and adding a shopping cart to your site. Consider that the way you tier your services can also be a way for your business to stand out.

Design for Decision Makers

The design of your e-commerce site should completely evolve around the B2B user experience. Arrange the navigation on your website according to the personas that view your website. One of the most useful marketing tips for B2B eCommerce from the world of B2C might be noting the distinct difference between how B2C sites can focus on visual elements to their benefit. Implementing this type of strategy into your B2B e-commerce will help you create a storefront that is intuitive for your customers, as they demand the same seamless and connected experience that B2C consumers enjoy.

Use your product descriptions and service descriptions as ways to appeal to everyone on the chain of command. Consider using high quality videos and imagery for each offering on your site. Some sales cycles for B2B companies can last a few months up to a full year. Ensure that your company is integrating e-commerce with the existing backend systems. Using a robust CRM so that you know where each of your customers are in the sales cycle will assist you with the challenge of operating on a longer sales cycle than B2C.

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