Increase Online Holiday Sales With These Customization Tips

This post was originally published on November 2017 but has been updated with new data on December 6, 2018.

New and improved standards in retail-selling are expanding and markets predict a healthy holiday spending this year.

If you're a small or medium retailer, this means you're on the cusp of the most potentially rewarding time of the year, and paying so me attention to customization can pay off.

Preparation is often the key to differentiate from competitors and giving your customers a great shopping experience. From checking your technology, website, product portfolio, to having a standout marketing plan with promotions, you could kick off a fast start with some creative customizations to increase online holiday sales.

1. Engage, engage, engage

Take an Omni-Channel Approach: Social sharing, online recommendations, twitter ads, emailers are all ways by which holiday shoppers will discover your products. A study carried out by PWC suggests that more than two-thirds of shoppers use a combination of technology, online platforms, and physical stores to make a purchase.

Sprout Social saw a 120% increase in Instagram messages sent to retailers in the holiday season of 2017 and forecasts that, compared to last year, they will receive 32% more messages per day in November and December than they did last year.


Leverage these various channels, including offline activities and prepare to serve no matter how customers find your online store. A seamless experience that is built on these consumer habits will help your store develop interconnected relationships that is not confines to one space.

2. Increase Conversion with Mobile

With most purchasers shopping on the go, your business might get higher conversions through social media selling. Visually oriented social channels such as Instagram or Facebook (led nowadays by the former) have helped retailers generate traffic and more sales during the year, which will peak in holiday season.

Functionalities like IGTV or shoppable business accounts make it easier for your customer to find your products and gives your company the chance to create brand awareness while driving sales.

3. Optimize Site Look & Performance

Holiday season can particularly put your site under high load. Eliminate any performance problems with patching plugins which may be slowing you down and optimizing site code. Create an attractive home page with added customization and widgets.

4. Identify your top products and promote them

What were your top selling items during last year's holiday season? What have been your most successful products during this year and what's hot amongst consumer in your industry this season?

Gather external data to know about the latest trends in your industry and audit your own data and selling history. Use the information to create special deals, promote certain products or packages, or even create a gift guide on your online shop to give inspiration to your customers.

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