5 Ways to Improve the Online Shopping Experience for Your Customers

Creating a positive and memorable online shopping experience for your customers is vital to ensuring growth in your online sales. To create a superb experience for shoppers, you must design a website that is responsive, intuitive, and full of eye-catching images and videos that showcase your fashion apparel. Below are five ways to improve the online shopping experience for your customers.

1. Responsive eCommerce

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Nearly 60% of online searches for retail apparel are conducted with a tablet, smartphone, or another mobile device. Test your website periodically from a mobile device to ensure that your website loads quickly and the format is appealing.

2. Make it visual

Use images and video to showcase your apparel. As customers browse your products, they try to imagine how they might look wearing your products. A great way to help them envision how they might look in your clothing and accessories is to use images and video clips that feature models wearing the items you carry.

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3. Back-order items

Make sure shoppers are aware of the possibility of ordering items on backorder, as this is a worry-free way to ensure them that they will be the first in line for the new inventory.

It is not always possible to keep every item in stock. However, you should make customers aware of back ordered items immediately and let them know when they can expect to receive them. Consider suggesting alternative items that you currently have in stock.

4. Personalized shopping

Create a customized purchasing experience for your customers. For those retailers who have any kind of loyalty program, it is always nice for customers to find personalized suggestions based on previous purchases. You can also consider including a handwritten note to new customers thanking them for choosing your company. You may also wish to include a free item or coupon that can be applied to the customer's next purchase.

5. Provide contact details

Make it easy for your customers to contact you. Locating your company's contact details should not be a struggle for your customers. Make su re that your customers have a convenient way to reach you by telephone, e-mail, or chat. Feature your company's contact details in a prominent location on your website and include a physical address for your store if you have a physical location that is open to the public.

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