Keeping Your Customers in Mind When Choosing the Right Fashion Business ERP

A lot of things factor into growing a successful fashion business. While each one of them is important, the customer should always be kept in mind when making the big decisions. These include your choice of a fashion business ERP. Think of each ERP feature in terms of how it ultimately affects the customer. Three questions to ask yourself are:

1. Will the ERP Help or Hinder My Acquisition of New Customers?

The ERP should provide the online buyer with the information they need to make an informed purchase such as whether a product is in stock, its date of shipment, and its estimated arrival date. Your sales team should have mobile access to the ERP while in the field to help them close deals. They'll need remote access to information such as product availability, inventory count, and incoming shipments from suppliers. They should also be able to create quotes on demand.

2. How Will It Affect Customer Satisfaction?

The ERP should enable you to automatically notify customers of when their orders were

shipped. The customer should be able to track the progress of their order, including its shipment and delivery date. The ERP should ensure a consistent customer fulfillment process that is accurate (customer gets exactly what was ordered) and timely.

It should also help customer service to quickly resolve any issues they might have in any of the stages of purchasing. Customers today have come to expect this kind of treatment, and its absence greatly diminishes their buying experience.

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3. Is It Useful in Providing a Personalized Customer Experience?

You likely have a great deal of information about your customers, particularly of those who have any kind of purchasing history with you. However, putting this information to good use is difficult without an ERP that has good data analytics.

Data analytics allow you to quickly see purchasing patterns and other information that indicate customer preferences. This allows you to make personalized offers, upsells, and cross-sells. You can reward customer loyalty with discounts on items that are meaningful to them. This makes them feel appreciated and keeps them coming back.

While ERPs are primarily meant to help businesses function with greater efficiency, be sure you keep an eye out for your customers' welfare when choosing one.

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