REALIZe 3.5 - New release announcement

K3 is pleased to announce a new release for our eCommerce solution REALIZe, the comprehensive platform that enables small to medium size wholesalers and retailers to go beyond online shopping and connect with their customers anytime and anywhere.

We believe that what makes an eCommerce platform great is the capacity to create seamless shopping experiences for consumers and business management easy and effective for business owners, regardless of operating in a B2B or B2C model.

This new release of the platform comes with new product features, improved functionalities that are key for a smooth management of an online shop and redesigned details to ensure an enjoyable purchasing experience throughout every step of the process for your customers.

What's New in REALIZe?

To offer maximum flexibility to retail and wholesale business owners, in this new version of REALIZe, it is possible to have a B2B and B2C web shop beside each other. The web shops can be setup with your own brand's look and feel. Items on the B2B online store can be ordered quickly using the product matrix and products on the B2C web shop can be ordered per piece by picking the colour and size.

The 3.5 version of REALIZe features functionalities for B2C online shops that can be major sales drivers for retailers such as Click and Collect, Store Finder and Retail Stores. These services add convenience and choice for online customers, providing a more unified commerce and thus improving the overall shopping experience for consumers.

Additional product features

​You can now highlight special offers and discounts to customers to encourage orders by using promotional stickers, and in order to achieve a premium product experience, the online shop now admits multiple product images, zoom into details and video compatibility.

Search and navigation tool has also been upgraded in order to help customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily. The setup of base colour makes it possible to easily navigate through all the exotic colour names by simply entering the name of the base colour.

Your corporate clients can place orders much more easily by ordering prepacks which translates in an increase of online revenue for B2B web shop owners. Furthermore, the new re-designed shopping cart speeds up the buying process by quickly adding product to baskets using item number or searching other properties.

Improved shop management tools

A multi-store feature now gives the chance to users to run more than one store from a single installation. This means you can host more than one frontend store on different domains and manage all admin operations from your single administration panel. You can create unique online stores for multiple brands, products, B2B, B2C, affiliates, co-branded stores and more.

To strengthen the omni-channel backbone of REALIZe that aims to enable businesses to run agile operations, category, product & pricing management have been integrated with the Head Office to ensure cross-channel consistency and optimize retail and wholesale sales operations.

In regards of the integration with other systems, as in previous versions of the solution, the backend web API enables you to extend your store across a huge range of ERP systems, so you can choose the solution that works best for you and your business

In addition to this scope of choice, REALIZe can be now delivered fully integrated with pebblestone|fashion, K3's ERP solution for small and medium sized fashion and apparel companies. The version 3.5 of REALIZe will integrated with pebblestone|fashion 2017 and pebblestone|fashion 2018.

Of course the solution can also still be used stand-alone. For users choosing this option, REALIZe 3.5 includes an easy import and export Excel sheet to quickly upload and maintain products in the online shop.


REALIZe is a fully integrated eCommerce solution to deliver a simple and unified omni-channel platform that connects all channels and touch points to deliver a personal and consistent customer experience. It can be tailored to meet your needs for look, feel and functionality of your site and makes it easy for you to stay current with the latest trends and technologies.

REALIZe is built on top of nopCommerce, an ASP.NET based open-source eCommerce platform. The key benefit of nopCommerce is its pluggable modular or layered architecture which allows additional functionality to users. This way, new elements can be added to the application at run-time and it makes it easy to create and manage the websites. For further customization of your web store, nopCommerce has a marketplace which contains over 500.000 plugins and themes developed by partners and individual contributors, including cost-free products.

For a complete overview of the available functions and features provided by nopCommerce visit:

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