Leveraging the Potential of Omni-Channel Commerce

Across the globe, digital disruption is empowering consumers more than ever. With no single path to fulfill their needs; whether to research product information, make purchases, or collaborate, there is a fundamental shift into the buying journey.

Forward-thinking retailers understand this change and adjust to deliver a customer-centric experience by leveraging the potential of omni-channel commerce. The evolving new format is ubiquitous and here’s why brands should leverage its power:

Enhance Customer Experience and Promise

An omni-channel strategy pivots on the realization that delivering a uniform shopping experience online and through brick-and-mortar stores gives a competitive edge that differentiates retailers from their peers.

With a synchronized operating model, retailers can align all their channels to present one consistent face to their customers.

A seamless view enables significant economic value by fusing the entire shopping experience as ‘one’.

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Provides Value with Retail Touch-points

The use of touch-points to build a relationship between retailer and consumer has always been there. Advertising, print media or catalogs were commonly used as means to interact with consumers. Nowadays the range of options is vast and customizable - and consumers are aware of this. Today's shopper expects brands to be on top of the wave with the latest technologies in order to provide them with priceless interactions.

The use of smart phone apps to compare prices, finding discount alerts on the go, using in-store digital tools such as price checkers and tablets, or buying online and picking up in the store are valued touch-points that retailers can implement to further engage with customers.

Facilitates Insight-Driven Personalization

Data extricated or gathered from a variety of sources can be combined to provide a personalized and contextualized experience aligned to customers’ demands.

This can enable the retailer to intervene in the customer interaction at the most opportune time.

Evaluating a company’s technology platform and improving key data metrics is often the difference between brands lagging or leveraging the omni-channel commerce capability.

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