What's New in pebblestone|fashion 2018?

Once again, we are thrilled to announce the latest release of our ERP solution for fashion and apparel companies, pebblestone|fashion 2018, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Within this release we enable our customers to register and control their business operations with increased visibility through all processes.

Below you will find some of the most important improvements within pebblestone|fashion, encapsulated in three different sections: Retail, Wholesale and Distribution and K3's platform imagine. Read on to find out what's new in pebblestone|fashion 2018:

pebblestone|fashion for retail

There has been an overall improvement in the existing Retail Management granule, which has been optimized to support own stores and to plan and control the offered items. Aside from this, the item management functionality as also been improved, as well as the extended calculations to calculate the retail prices.

1. Range Planning

The possibility to prepare range plans has been added in the Retail Management granule. A range plan contains a new set of items that will be available in the stores with the next replenishment cycle. Range plans can be built from scratch (for example in a "fast fashion" scenario) or adjust the existing offering to react on the sales performances in that store. The range plan can contain the items, colours, sizes and the quantities that will be delivered to the stores with the next run.

It is also now possible to recall the goods that are no longer requested in the stores and return the remaining inventories from the stores to the Central Warehouse.

One of the goals of pebblestone|fashion is to be the means of having full control and insight over retailer's business processes, and for this reason we have tuned up and extended the retail KPI's displayed in the Store Performance Overview with the following additions:

  • Sell-through Percentage

  • Average Days on Inventory

  • Inventory Turnover Ratio

2. Retail Pricing

To be more flexible in determining the retail price points the costing fields on the item card have been extended with a Retail Margin to automatically determine the step from the Unit Price (Wholesale Price) to the Unit List Price (Retail Price).

3. pebblestone|fashion Cloud Sandbox for partners

Last year we introduced our demonstration environment on Azure as an additional service for partners. The demo environment gives you a separate environment (tenant) to demonstrate pebblestone|fashion, including the web client, access to the support portal, the Dynamics NAV app. You have also the possibility to install and run the windows client on a local device. If needed we can also connect REALIZe and our retail solutions to this environment for one integrated demonstration.

This tool has proved to be helpful in showing better insights of the power of pebblestone|fashion, and allow partners to give instant product demonstrations without having to worry about installing the solution on a local device. Therefore, will continue to provide these services in the future and notify all our partners when this demonstration environment is available for pebblestone|fashion 2018.

pebblestone|fashion and imagine

Recenly, K3 rolled out imagine, a new platform that enables retailers and wholesalers to combine different apps or modules to create a solution tailored to their needs. Available apps for now are the Web POS and Price & Promotion Engine, with more in the pipeline.

In this approach pebblestone|fashion plays a vital role for the administrative back office, for inventory management and of course, the entire wholesale operation. Aside from this, the online commerce app REALIZe is integrated with pebblestone|fashion.

1. Integration Made Easy

pebblestone|fashion is rarely used as the customer’s only software solution. Information is shared with customers and vendors, different data is analysed, trend analysis are performed and goods are sold and promoted through different sales channels. For these processes companies use different solutions or apps that need to exchange data with the ERP solution. On top of that our platform takes advantage of a seamless integration with pebblestone|fashion. All of this requires an easy tool to share data and workflows with other solutions.

For this reason, we have developed an API integration platform within Dynamics NAV, which we connected to DataSwitch. For this purpose, the existing Omni-Channel Platform granule has been re-engineered. This granule enables consultants, with some technical knowledge, to compose interfaces that publishes the required information to the external solutions. A lot of interfaces can be now composed without writing any code.

pebblestone|fashion for wholesale and distribution

1. Delivery worksheet

The Delivery Worksheet is now available as an simultaneous overview by Item and by Order. It is no longer required to make an explicit choice upfront between the overview by Item or by Order.

Aside from this, detailed error messages are now shown for every order that failed to post when posting documents from the Delivery Worksheet. This improvement is made available as part of the standard NAV batch posting mechanism, which is introduced in NAV 2018.

For performance purposes we created separate actions on the Delivery Worksheet to remove existing Delivery Worksheet Lines. These actions are more efficient and way faster than the standard triggers to delete worksheet lines.

2. Sales order entry and item calatogue

Due to the introduction of the inventory notifications (instead of warnings) it is now possible to show the inventory warnings in a matrix as well, resulting in one overview of unavailable quantities for the entire matrix.

Regarding the item catalogue, the colours of items can now be grouped per base colour. This new functionality can be very useful for example on a B2C web-shop, where customers might not search for a specific shade of blue, but simply for items in blue colour. It is possible to filter the Item List by the base colour in pebblestone|fashion 2018 as well.

Finally, the Item Availability on the shipment date is also shown in the Sales Order Factbox, in order to improve the consistency of the Item Availability in the Sales Order Factbox and the matrixes.

3. Performace

The performance to calculate the different matrix statistics as well as the way the statistics are calculated on several reports have been improved.

4. Product Development and Costing

On the Item List status fields have been added for Product Developers that can be used to see the progression of the development of items.

Also, in the Sales Price Worksheet it’s now easier to convert existing sales prices into a price in a different currency. A blank option has been added to the sales type, which can be used to copy any existing sales type to a new sales price with the same sales type as the source.

5. Manufacturing

It is now possible to automatically split production orders and purchase orders by Item or by Colour or Size. The field can be used in combination with the Minimum Order Quantity to control how many pieces per item or per colour can be created on one production order. The order splitting functionality is designed for manufacturing, but can also be used for splitting purchase orders. The functionality is also available when creating production orders directly from sales order.

All these mentioned improvements are just a small fraction of the total list of enhanced functionalities for the new version of pebblestone|fashion, if you would like to know more do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also learn more about the solution through the demo videos or by downloading the booklet.

About pebblestone|fashion

pebblestone|fashion, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is a fully integrated, proven solution tailored to the needs of small and medium sized fashion and apparel companies.

Over 11.500 users in almost 750 companies in 40 countries have already made pebblestone|fashion their fashion software solution of choice.

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