Generation Z? They've got 8 seconds for your fashion business

In 2 short years, when we ring in 2020, Generation Z (birth years 1996 - 2009) will account for an astounding 40% of all consumers. Along with this generation comes a whole new host of shopping habits, values, ethics, attitudes, and fashions. In order to remain profitable, fashion companies are going to have to sit up and realize what it is that their Generation Z consumers want and be sure they meet the demands of an ever-growing segment of their consumer base.

Generation Z consumers are different from any other consumer groups in the past. Understanding their wants, desires, and needs when it comes to fashion will help make your business lucrative as possible moving forward into the 2020s.

The following are 5 tips fashion businesses Generation Z consumers identify with products:

Adverstising won't work. Create and demonstrate value

Generation Z has the most effective filter yet for sorting through advertisement information and choosing what they value most. The rest will virtually go unnoticed. In the age of advertisements and mobile technologies, this generation has been bombarded with advertisements, and they trust their peers more than they trust marketeers. They look for values, not just promotional advertisement.

Create a value in your brand that they can relate with to draw in the Generation Z consumer.

[ Building Effective Marketing in the Fashion Industry for Generation Z ]

Are your products helping them in any way?

Generation Z will not care what product you are selling them, but are more concerned on how that product can help them out in some way. As an article of The Huffington post puts it: "Because TransGens are globally connected and engaged and technology is perpetually evolving, their expectation is that personal growth should correspond. Fearlessness is the byproduct and the means by which inventive TransGens are independently making use of the plethora of information at their fingertips to generate their own opportunities and create social change."

Does your fashion collection help them express themselves in any way? Is your brand or your item supportive of the social values they back? Make your apparel items valuable enough to improve their lives to help them fulfill their dreams and ambitions.

You've got 8 Seconds (or less)

Generation Z has a shorter attention span to a screen than any generation before. On average, you will have about 8 seconds of their time to get your brand's story out and show how it can help improve their life before they decide if they are interested or disengaging.

Make those 8 seconds count and get the point across before the user is on to the next advertisement, screen, or task and passes by your fashion and apparel products entirely.

Be present in all channels

The old rules of retail and fashion don't apply anymore. This young generation is connected and comfortable living in the digital realm, but also aware of the offline channel. Be sure your product or service has a strong online presence, as this is the channel where most of their research is made, but keep in mind that the majority (in fact, the 84%) finishes their shopping process in brick-and-mortar stores.

Generation Z is the generation of digital natives, and such, they expect to be able to carry out their shopping journey using a myriad of connected devices They want the convenience of being able to click a few buttons to order the product they want and then know it's on it's way without any additional hassle. Making your products easy to order online will make it more readily available to the average Generation Z consumer.

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