What's New in ax|is fashion?

We are happy to announce a new release for ax|is fashion, K3's concept to consumer solution for fashion and apparel enterprises, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

ax|is fashion's mission is to meet the unique and exact needs of the fashion businesses and for that reason, aside from extending and fine tuning existing functionalities within the software, some of the historical issues within the software related to extensibility hooks have been fixed.

Furthermore, some new important components have been added, specially concerning the business planning and the manufacturing modules.

Business Planning

Business planning within ax|is fashion consists of multiple parts, such as the following:

  • Collection planning: Encapsulates the process of defining multiple collections of products, planning the unique number of products which should match pre-defined criteria like product category, price ranges, seasons, and so on. In the latest release, this functionality will not only cover the planned situation, but will also display the actual situation of the content of a collection.

  • ​​Line planning: Covers the creation of an overview of a group of products, including their most common fashion related attributes. A line plan can be either printed, shared or exported in a fashion like view and may be used for communication purposes. The base of a line plan can either be a defined collection but can also be based on any other selection criteria (e.g. season, product category, brand).

  • Budget planning: This new addition covers the process of defining a flexible budget on multiple levels or any combination of levels and will include an updated view of planned values versus actuals. By default, it will include both Sales as well as Purchase related budget values and actuals on many levels. The flexible setup of this functionality enables the user to add additional budget sources (e.g Projects, Production) as well as adding additional budget levels and/or fields.


The manufacturing module within ax|is fashion also comprises several functionalities, from which we can highlight the following additions:

  • Extended configuration models: Within the configuration model there is now an added matrix view to assist the user while defining usage, color, size, fit or any other settings of each BOM-line product which is depending on the size/color/fit of the main product itself.

  • Master production orders: This added feature orders to group a range of production orders for a specific product by product, size, color, fit or any combination. In the latest version of ax|is fashion, users can use the wizard tool to create master production orders, as well as an outcome of master planning (firming planned production orders).

Master production orders include maintenance by use of a matrix, aggregated view and the option to trigger the different processes for multiple single production orders within a master production order.

Weekly Sales and Stock Intake

The Weekly Sales and Stock Intake (WSSI) functionality within ax|is fashion provides the user with an overall audit on the movement of stock in time.

The user can create an unlimited number of overviews (journals), and each of them can contain its own selection criteria and definition of period lengths. (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc).

PLM Activity App

With this App (available for iOS and Android for now), the user can connect to ax|is fashion through a mobile device and access the Product Lifecycle Management module, where they can view and process any PLM-Activities assigned to them.

About ax|is fashion:

ax|is fashion is a concept-to-consumer solution, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel enterprises. The out of the box fashion functionality means there is little to no need for extensive back-end customization, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and a quicker ROI.

Over 18,000 users in 13 countries have already made ax|is fashion their fashion software solution of choice.

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