Why Pinterest Works for Fashion Businesses

Among the wide variety of choices that businesses have nowadays to establish their online presence, a lot of them see social media platforms as the perfect way to market their fashion brand and corporate values.

The fashion consumer is very visual-oriented, therefore platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram, that have a strong focus on photography or video are the perfect choice for businesses in the apparel and fashion industry. Pinterest is a fantastic social media tool that requires little investment and can pay off greatly.

Reach your audience

With more than 200 million monthly users, Pinterest offers a valuable opportunity for fashion businesses to get in touch with their desired audience. It might seem that it is only young people and teenagers who dive into this channel, but the reality is that 68% of U.S. women between the ages of 25 and 54 use Pinterest, too. And while it’s true that the network does have more female users than male, 40% of new users are men.

Along with DIY and arts & crafts, fashion is one of the most popular topics in Pinterest, accounting for 45% of the activity that is done on the platform. And, according to Pinterest's own stats, users of the platform spend 30% more on fashion products than people who are not on this social media channel.

Showcase your brand

Pinterest allows you to show the personality of your apparel brand. By pinning items other than those that deal strictly with your collections and products, you can really show your potential customers the values and the core of your brand.

Through this platform it is also easy to tap into emotion. By pinning items that make people happy, you are grabbing their attention. An astonishing 93% of users browse the platform to get inspired before purchasing offline, so creating an emotional bond can most definitely benefit your business

Pinterest is great for businesses because those who use the site spend hours searching. They are also usually prepared to spend some money, using the site to show them what to buy next.

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