"Come Back!" Keeping Customer Loyalty in eCommerce

In a noisy digital world, it's hard to get a customer's attention, but it's harder to keep it. Common ways to get shoppers in the door, like seasonal sales, don't encourage them to come back. Here are a few straightforward ways to turn one-time shoppers into clients for life and keep customer loyalty in eCommerce retail.

Make sure their shopping experience is excellent

In order for customers to come back, their first experience must meet (or exceed) their expectations. Make sure first-time shoppers enjoy their time with your business! Use research tools like surveys to find out what current customers enjoy and what they would like you to improve. This is especially important around big seasonal sales, like Black Friday; more customers means more input!

Then be better!

Once you've met expectations, exceed them! Customers might return to a good business, but they will return to a great one. Make customer experiences especially pleasant with extra touches. Try offering a deal to first-time customers, such as a discount on their first purchase or a reward that they can retrieve in the future. And don't forget to follow up their first purchase with an email!

Keep communicating

You're grateful for every penny customers spend. Make sure they know that! Beyond thank-you emails, consider rewarding customers for their time and loyalty. Make special offers, like free shipping with certain purchases, or award them points to exchange for gifts.

Friendly, regular emails keep you at the top of their minds. And remember the difference between staying in touch and badgering! Being intrusive or pushy will drive customers away.

Make it easy to come back

There are some common obstacles for returning shoppers that you might have not considered: details such as easy check-out and history of purchases are features that will improve your customer's purchasing joruney and make it quicker for them to buy. Similarly, make sure your customer service is top-notch. The more often customers return, the more likely they are to have questions or concerns - make sure your customer service is accesible from all devices!

Say thanks!

Finally, remember: there's no magic to customer retention. After all, customers want to like you! Everyone hopes for a truly great shopping experience. Your business just has to provide it. If you can do that, your customers will be loyal from their first purchase.

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