ax|is fashion 8.0: Improving with user feedback

The apparel and fashion industry is undergoing a massive transformation, with new trends and shopping habits reshaping and disrupting the way retailers were used to carry out their business processes and go to market strategies.

In this environment, K3 strives for ax|is fashion to be an evergreen software that can provide apparel and retail companies with tailored environments, insight and control over all of their processes and channels to market. In order to achieve this, much of the constant improvement and enhancement of the solution comes from direct user feedback. Our consultants travel around the world to work with the different fashion customers using ax|is fashion and get valuable feedback form current users of the software. Sometimes, small details and modifications can make their day-to-day work easier.

For the latest release of ax|is fashion, we analysed the input we got from our existing customers and introduced new features to make processes more efficient. To name a few:

Repeating size ratio curve

The sales process can now be quicker thanks to the new templates that are configured within the system. Speed up the order entry is now possible if the user operates with the predictable ratio curves. These can be applied for multiple colors at once.

Credit control workflow

If there is a credit limit problem for a certain customer, a workflow can be triggered to start an approval process to decide whether the sales order can or cannot be processed. This functionality was available in the prior versions of ax|is fashion, based on AX2012 and it has now been reintroduced in Dynamics 365.

Product status framework for manufacturing processes

ax|is fashion contains quite an extensive product status framework, to block products in certain processes. On request, the product now includes manufacturing processes in this framework like creating a production order and activating a BOM-version

Quality management feedback

Previous versions of ax|is fashion included a quality management option to check actual product measurements during the sample process or at receiving goods in the warehouse. In the latest version, this functionality has been enhanced so the quality management data is fed back into the design process, so the actual measurements can be set up as the new standards for the product, making it easier to modify and reshape the items.

Selecting the right products for your process

Fashion companies typically have lots of items in different variants. Selecting exactly the group of products needed for a certain process might be a challenge. For this reason, ax|is fashion now features a framework to select products based on brand, season or collection. This is a very powerful tool available in all relevant places, most recently for inventory recall and balancing and assortments.

Colorway planning and flexibility in your collections

A new view is available to see how many variants are designed for a certain colorway. There has also been added a more flexible option to select items that belong to a certain collection.

These are some of the many enhancements included in the latest version of ax|is fashion. Would you like to know more? Discover more benefits and how they can improve your business processes in our previous blog post about ax|is 8.0.

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