What's New on K3|fashion?

The fall release of K3|fashion is based on the October release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

This latest release not only brings improvement in the functional side of the solution but also a new appearance to it: from this release on, ax|is fashion will become K3|fashion. You will start seeing the new look around the web and in the product collateral. Why the change? After a long process and careful consideration, we decided that it was time to give ax|is fashion a new and fresh identity that resonated better with our brand.

Aside from the new name, there are some other functionalities that have also been improved and fine-tuned in the solution:

Improvements in the Manufacturing module:

In the spring release of K3|fashion we presented the "Master production order" functionality, a feature that allows users to handle production orders on item level instead of each individual variant (colour/size/fit combination). For this autumn release we have added the following options to look at and manage the production orders from that master production order level:

  • Check the consumption of the materials in a matrix view.

  • View the "Production order status" for each variant in a matrix on the "Master production order" level.

  • The possibility to start production processes from this aggregated view. Users can now Estimate, Release, Start and also Report the entire master production order as finished, or any number of single production orders.

Seasonal aspect is now reflected in the production orders

PLM plans can now be triggered from a master production order, just like it could be triggered from a purchase level in the previous versions. To give an example: if a product is reported as finished, that will automatically update in the PLM plan and it can trigger a specific product status, such as being available for direct orders.

K3|fashion now includes the possibility of adding instructions on Master Production orders.

Improvements in the Business Planning module:

The K3|Business Planning module is a fully integrated module within D365 which enables the user to define multiple business plans for the different areas within D365, on any user defined level on any user defined field.

The different areas might cover Sales, Purchase, Production, Projects, and so on. The levels on which a business plan can be created might be fiscal year, product category, customer group, country, etc. whereas the fields might consist of revenue, quantities, margin, average price etc. Both levels and fields are fully customizable by the user and can therefore be created when needed.

Business Planning also includes the option to create groups of business plans, link them together and make use of an approval workflow so the defined structure and handling of the business plans will match the internal structure of your business and responsibilities.

Calculating actuals and viewing actuals versus planned values is available within the D365 environment as well as by use of a Mobile Business Planning App.

Order change management on purchase side

One of the most used features in K3|fashion is "Order change management". This functionality allows users to make changes on a selection of orders in one go. To set an example, you could think of changing a price or a colour but also cancelling an item. This feature has been available for years on the sales side and will now be available in on purchase side as well on request of several projects.

Fashion Powerapps

Microsoft's Powerapps are a powerful platform that has allowed K3 to build fashion focused apps that provide users with flexibility to access the information about their business processes at all times. To illustrate the functionality of these apps, we have set different scenarios that demonstrate how users can leverage the applications:

  • Business Plan Progress App: An example scenario could be a category manager that is now able to follow the progress for a specific sales plan on their product group and check, among other variables, how far are the actuals versus the planned quantities or values.

  • Sales order dashboard: An order taker can perform a quick analysis of the Pre-sales Order together with the customer to optimize the sales conversation. Some other data accessible to users includes, for example, how is the order divided over Product Category or the balance between ‘safe’ colors such as black and blue and more seasonal colors (for example yellow or green).

  • Mobile Item creation: The Item wizard to create Items in a fast way is now optimized for mobile use. When on the road users are now able to create items from their phone directly in K3|fashion.

About K3|fashion:

K3|fashion is a concept-to-consumer solution, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel enterprises. The out of the box fashion functionality means there is little to no need for extensive back-end customization, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and a quicker ROI.

Over 16,000 users in 13 countries have already made ax|is fashion their fashion software solution of choice.


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