Top 5 Blogs from 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, we’re looking back at the stories that were most read throughout the year. Here are the most viewed blogs in order of popularity:

1. Fashion Buying Calendar: Sell and Delivery Dates from Womenswear Boutiques

In the fashion industry, brick-and-mortar stores are still very much relevant and profitable, so even nowadays in the Digital Era, it is still a good choice to introduce your collections through fashion boutiques.

This blog post presents a fashion buying calendar, including sell and delivery dates of womenswear boutiques, and shares some tips on how to work with these types of distributors for your apparel items.

2. Supply Chain Challenges in the Apparel Industry and How You Can Fix Them

Anything that stops or slows the movement of materials and apparel products is considered a supply chain problem, and these challenges can have a major impact on your company’s profits and make your day-to-day business processes unpredictable.

Supply chains are far more than just cost control, and this blog post covers the most common supply chain challenges apparel businesses can encounter and how to solve or avoid them.

3. How to Master the Fashion Calendar: Buy, Sell and Delivery Dates

The delivery cycles for fashion manufacturers and retailers can get a little bit confusing.

This blog post covers buying, selling and delivery dates of each sector of the apparel market: womenswear, children's clothing, menswear and the accesories market.

4. Understanding the Fashion Production Process

Learning the fashion production process is a challenge for new players entering the industry. In this post, we break down the key 12 stages that are common to the production of most apparel items and help fashion business owners to learn how to work through them.

5. How Will Seasonality Affect Product Lifecycle in the Fashion Industry

The reasons as to why we dress the way we do have one thing in common; they are all under influence of the seasons and trends, to some extent.

These external factors that are out of your control will influence the product lifecycle of your fashion collection. This blog post explores which are these and what can you do to minimize their impact.

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