Spring Release: What's New on K3|fashion?

K3 is happy to announce the April '19 release of K3|fashion on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, K3's concept to consumer solution for enterprises in the fashion and apparel industry.

This new release comes with enhanced capabilities to help fashion and apparel enterprises to transform their business, and we would like to share some of the highlights among the functionalities:

Commercial Ringfencing

In our spring release we have made a start with new functionality, called Commercial Ringfencing. This new functionality within K3|fashion helps businesses to:

  • Execute sales strategy.

  • Provide an accurate open to sell insight across different channels and markets.

  • Pre and In-Season Sales optimization.

With this feature, businesses will be able to ringfence certain products for specific markets, countries, customer groups and customers. On a later stage, the Commercial Ringfencing functionality will enable to specify specific quantities as well.

Inventory Hub

A lot of Brand Owners would love to have insight in all Inventory available across all channels. Not just their own warehouses and stores but all retail outlets out there and marketplaces. Having these quantities available can drive decisions on Mark Down Modelling, but also on inventory balancing or recall.

The Inventory Hub functionality allows businesses to optimize stock levels across all channels, including third parties. This benefits and enhances the following business processes:

  • Insight for click and collect

  • Markdown modelling

  • Auto replenishment

  • Inventory balancing

Fashion manufacturing

With this spring release we have introduced a Fashion Bill Of Material model. This functionality will help companies to automatically create BOMs and routings in a much faster way with the use of templates.

This feature has been developed after a lot of best practice experience on how BOMs and routing are typically used in a fashion and apparel company:

Typically, the BOM and routing of a dress, to set an example, is roughly 80% similar to another dress, and therefore there is no need to select these elements over and over again. By using the newly introduced functionality, the time to create detailed BOMs for your products is remarkably decreased, allowing businesses to inform faster their factories or suppliers on what materials a product should be made off.

For this latest release of K3|fashion we have also heavily invested in ways to optimize production order quantities. From now on it is possible to select an order multiple. For example, a production order can have a maximum of 500 pieces as that is your ideal order size. Next to that it is also possible to easily split an existing production order into two smaller ones as that might better fit the capacity of the facility.

About K3|fashion:

K3|fashion is a concept-to-consumer solution, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel enterprises. The out of the box fashion functionality means there is little to no need for extensive back-end customization, resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and a quicker ROI.

Over 16,000 users in 13 countries have already made K3|fashion their fashion software solution of choice.

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