K3|fashion Fall Release 2019: What's New?

K3 is happy to announce the Fall ’19 release of K3|fashion on Microsoft Dynamics 365, K3's concept to consumer solution for enterprises in the fashion and apparel industry.

We are always working to improve K3|fashion's capabilities to help fashion and apparel enterprises to transform their business. Find out what are some of the highlights among the functionalities enhanced for this release:

Range planning and Store capacity planning

Range planning is all about defining your optimal product assortment based on history, trends and objectives. When setting strategic goals, it is most convenient to translate those into a retail planning per product/style. This way your business will be able increase sales by utilizing retail capacity in an optimal way.

This planning process is now supported inside Dynamics 365. A lot of the information about products and stores was already available and for this release we have extended this with extra information on store capacity to make a proper planning. The planning can be driven from the planning or the purchase department.

Furthermore, K3|fashion's Adobe Cloud integration has been updated to the current best practice. It supports a seamless integration between Dynamics 365 and Adobe Cloud.

Fashion Order Book Dashboard

We have introduced a new dashboard to analyze your open order book from a fashion perspective. You can slice and dice on seasons, drops, product categories, region channel etc. The Fashion Order Book Dashboard is powered by power BI.

We have taken into consideration and included a lot of wishes coming from our customers in this release. To name a few:

Ease of use in Business Planning

  • Added weighted average columns

  • Linked query calculations

Optimized Retail Inventory

Retail Inventory has been improved and made available to all warehouses instead of only stores.

  • Inventory recall

  • Inventory balancing

  • Item coverage by Matrix

  • Replenishment plan

Ease of use in Order Change Management

  • Extended to transfer orders

  • Multiselect scenario's in one go

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