K3's Journey to the Cloud

The content of this blog post was originally written by Niall McGovern, Head of SMB Products at K3 Business Technologies

K3|pebblestone Cloud is a new ISV solution from K3 Business Technologies, embracing the opportunity of Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud to go to market with a completely new solution.

With K3|pebblestone Cloud, K3 identified an opportunity to go to market with a cloud solution that addresses the needs of smaller fashion businesses. These businesses typically do not require complex or bespoke solutions. Instead they benefit from a streamlined, packaged solution that is quick, reliable and cost-effective to implement.

The K3|pebblestone product team began preparation for the cloud solution by identifying the set of business processes that such businesses always need. Many of these are a subset of the functionality available in the larger K3|pebblestone on-premise solution. However, the primary focus was on identifying the right features for the target cloud market rather than insisting on only using features that already existed in the on-premise solution. K3 architected and developed the cloud features from the ground up, rather than converting legacy features from C/AL to AL. This technically optimises the K3|pebblestone Cloud product.

Learn at your own pace

K3 also invested heavily in self-serve materials for learning about the cloud solution. This spanned marketing material for initial discovery, through to more detailed functional material, the latter built using ClickLearn. All this information is available through a new K3|pebblestone Cloud partner portal. Self-serve learning materials include options to read about the functionality of the product in detail, be guided through using it, or even test your knowledge (all powered by ClickLearn).

Our partners as key success factor

For K3’s partners, the response to this strategy has been very positive. A key to this positive response was to involve strategic partners in the design and development of the Cloud solution from Day 1. Some partners wish to target this small business market by delivering a large volume of largely templated solutions, while other partners preferred to continue to focus on larger, more complex implementations. In all cases, K3’s strategic partners are specialists in delivering technology solutions for the fashion sector. This gave K3 a high level of confidence in correctly segmenting and addressing the market and satisfying the needs of partners.


K3 has effectively developed an all-in-one fashion business management solution powered by the Cloud that is easy to use, adapt and implement.

The company's portfolio of solutions now offers segmented, parallel solutions that address both smaller-scale and larger, more complex fashion wholesale customers. As such, partners and customers can still choose between cloud and on-premise.

The packaging of cloud product includes an offering to customers of not just the cloud software, but also extensive learning/discovery materials and a templated implementation plan as part of the overall product offering

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